Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Life, as I see it: Wind down

As the weather turns cooler and days begin to be shorter, I find myself winding down. The business of summer, the craving to spend time outdoors, seems to be diminishing. Instead, I’ve found that my much loved patio time has become time spent nestled under a blanket with a movie playing, writing, or reading. Of course, the need to bake has also kicked into gear.

There’s a comfort that comes with fall weather. It’s time to wind down and nest a bit. It’s time to clear our heads, think about what is important, and reflect on past victories and past failures.

It’s time to celebrate and time to repair.

God is good like that. He gives us those moments of reflection, usually accompanied by that ‘ah ha’ moment, when we finally understand or see clearly the why of it all.

I hope that I use this time wisely.

Yesterday, I learned of the passing of one of my hometown icons; Art Olivares.

I grew up in Grimes. When I was young, the town was even smaller than it is now. The families there were like one big family.

Counted among  us was the Olivares family. They were a quality family for sure.

Mrs. Olivares would feed the kids in town the most wonderful homemade Mexican food.

Art was one of the older kids, so I didn’t know him well when I was a kid. But later, when I returned to Grimes as an adult, he became a loved and respected friend. I saw that he had become a community leader, a community protector, and a solid part of what made our little town a great place to live. He was the center of it all.

As the elders of the community often gathered at Art’s shop, I’m sure many a problem was solved around the little stove in that warm shop.

Art gave of himself to his friends, his family, and his community. He won’t be forgotten by any of us.

Every community has people like Art. Bless those who continue to share.

Life is good today.

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