Hotcakes and Hotrods best yet

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The volunteer firefighters from Grimes fired up the grills for their annual New Year’s Breakfast, running on fumes and coffee after celebrating the night before. 

About 50 of the early morning diners were from the Gold Country Street Rods, out of Yuba County, who have frequented Grimes over 10 years of their New Year’s Day ride. 

“This works for us,” said Dick Watson. “It’s a nice drive.” 

Delaunay Watson estimated about 15 classic cars in their caravan. Ken Lemos, of Doin Daddy’s Rod Shop, added that the breakfast is convenient as their large group is served without needing a reservation. 

Firefighter Ryan Grimmer mixed up some hair of the dog that had bitten the night before during his New Year’s Eve celebration. “Most people were out late,” said Grimmer, as he prepared a Bloody Mary. “They do not want to cook breakfast, so they come here.” 

Firefighter Lance Smith said there were 60 pounds of bacon, 60 pounds of patty sausages, 50 pounds of link sausages, 40 pounds of ham, three cases of biscuits, and six gallons of gravy cooked to serve. 

Sac River Firefighter Chris Azevedo manned the grill while he made chorizo con huevos, a favorite of two-year-old Hazlie Grimmer. 

None of the firefighters can remember exactly how long the breakfast has been running, but they were all certain that of about 20 years, 2020 was their biggest success. 

“It is our largest ever,” said firefighter Marc Sumner. “It’s the largest amount of people and largest amount of money raised.” 

Grimmer did a rough headcount and estimated at least 350 people were served.

The breakfast was free and the money raised was from donations from the people that filed in all morning long.

Sumner said that the funds raised will go back to the community. 

Rose Ann Ellis sold calendars for 2020 featuring photography by Steve Beckley. All 150 calendars were sold out before the breakfast ended. 

“It is my way to get people to see Grimes,” said Beckley, who’s father was a founding member of the fire station. “Without these volunteers, this community would be in rough shape. The firefighters and Rose Ann are the core of Grimes.” 

The success of the breakfast, which left all with a well-earned nap after cleanup, had Sumner hoping for more volunteers to their fire department.

“We could use more people to help with the rush,” he said. υ