Chamber of Commerce to host two candidate forums  


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The Colusa County Chamber of Commerce will host two events for residents of Williams and Colusa to get to know the candidates running for the Board of Supervisors in the March 3 Primary Election. 

The forums are to give anyone, not just the voters, the opportunity to meet the candidates and have their specific concerns addressed. It will include opening statements and responses to questions. 

The Candidate’s Night for District 2 will be held at 7 PM on Jan. 29, in the CIP Conference room, 100 Sunrise Blvd, Colusa. The District 2 candidates are Robert Moriconi, Dave Db. Markss, Laurie Okland-Waters, and Daurice Kalfsbeek-Smith. The top two vote getters in this primary will vie for the seat to be vacated by Retiring Supervisor John Loudon in the November Presidential Election, unless a vote of more than 50 percent is secured by one candidate on March 3. 

The Candidate’s Night for District 3 will be held at 7 PM on Jan. 30, at the Williams Community Center, 860 C Street. Incumbent Supervisor Kent S. Boes is running against challenger Jason D. McMullan. 

The forums will be held in the format that has been adopted from the League of Women Voters, with four minutes allowed for each candidate to give a prepared introduction, followed by a Question-and-Answer with timed responses, said organizer Nancy Loudon. 

Index cards will be provided to the audience to write down their questions for the candidates throughout the evening. To keep the meeting from running too late, questions will be compiled to avoid redundancy from similar questions and each candidate’s answer will be limited to a two- minute response. However, if the issue sparks a lively disunion, the moderator will have authority to come back to the issue if time permits. If a question is not sufficiently answered, the candidates may choose to address those issues after the meeting. 

Loudon, a member of Chamber of Commerce and former member of Colusa Chapter of Soroptimist International, which hosted the popular election-time event for many years, approached the Chamber and requested they host the two candidate nights, to which they agreed to do, along with providing helpers and costs associated with the events. 

The 2020 primary election has a short turnaround this year. The statewide primary was moved from June to March 3, and the first vote-by-mail ballots will be sent out in the first week of February. 

Louden said that the less a voter knows about the candidates that will be on their 2020 ballots, the more a voter should attend the forum because supervisors are paid through tax dollars and the forum is akin to a job interview.

“They do not work for anybody except their constituents,” Louden said. “We are 100 percent interviewing them. One of the biggest concerns with citizens – in general – is how they’re going to deal with our money. Are you going to be conservative, are you going to be willy-nilly, do you understand budgets? There is a lot, and the budgets are huge.”

Louden will attempt to have Voter Registration Forms at the Candidates Nights, however, registering to vote can be done online at or by calling 458-0500 or 1-800-345-VOTE to request a form be mailed. You can also pick up a form in person at the Colusa County Clerk-Recorder Office, 546 Jay Street, Suite 200, Colusa. 

“The people who come are the people that understand the importance of their vote,” Louden said. 

For more information about Candidate’s Night, call Louden at (530) 701-1541. 

For those wishing to learn more about elections in general, poll workers are trained in the nuances of ballot issues, how to process the ballots, and how the election process works. Interested persons wishing to become Election Observers are encouraged to contact the County Clerk-Recorder office.■