Colusa’s businesses deal with stray cat overpopulation 


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For the last several years, Colusa’s downtown business have been coping with a feral cat problem. And one local resident seeks to control the issue with the formation of the Colusa Community Cat Coalition 

The group is hosted under the umbrella of the Colusa Rotary Club, a non-profit organization. The coalition works independently of the Colusa County Animal Control. 

Nadine Benz, founder of the coalition, said that the goal of the group is to trap, spay or neuter the feral cats, then release them back onto the streets where they can continue hunting vermin the remainder of their natural lives. 

“Cats are good at eradicating things you don’t want in your business, especially in some of these old buildings,” Benz added. “And that’s a good thing. But you have to do it smartly.”

The group will host its first fundraiser, a Valentine’s Pet Photo Shoot, on  Sunday, Feb. 9, at the McNary-Moore Funeral Home, a sponsor of the event. 

The photography is provided by Cheri Azevedo and is available by appointment only. Call Benz at (530) 458-2111 to schedule your session. The cost is $25.

Refreshments for pets and their owners will be provided. ■