4-H members share knowledge


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The Colusa County 4-H Presentation Day in Princeton was held on Saturday with a turnout of 42 presentations, consistent to the previous year.

Volunteer judges used rubrics to assess the presentations by the club members, varying in age groups. The rubric included various requirements such as eye contact, speaking volume, clarity, structured presentation, citing their sources, and so on.

“Public speaking is a very sought after skill,” said 4-H Advisor Nichole Marshall-Wheeler, who has a master’s degree in communication studies. “Presentation Day really helps foster public speaking skills which ultimately contributes to leadership and life skills to be used later on in life, whether it’s in college or in their career.”

Veteran Judge Sharon Hriberniek oversaw the Intermediates and said she had to scour for any flaws in the presentations.

“It was a great batch of kids,” said Hriberniek. “They were very well-versed. They had it memorized.”

Officials from 4-H said that Educational Display and Illustrated Talk were the two most popular choices for presentations, done with powerpoint or traditional boards.

Jordan McPeek has six years in 4-H, four of those years doing presentations. This year, McPeek, a member of the Arbuckle 4-H Poultry group, said he chose the Buckeye Chicken for his educational display presentation, after his club learned about Americana breeds of chicken.

“If you want a mouser and you are allergic to cats, well I got a chicken for you,” said McPeek, whose presentation won a gold medal.

Some of the demonstrations included how to cook a variety of foods, how to sew, make slime, and do tie dye. There were also educational displays on subjects like robotics, interpretive readings from young adult books, and illustrated talks about different animals.
Alexander Taylor did his board presentation on cattle basics and breeds.

“I have showed cattle for four years,” said Taylor, who is currently raising “Teddy,” a fuzzy calf. “I kind of wanted to learn more about the breeds.”

Every member that participated received a ribbon. The Gold medalists will have a chance to present at the North Area Sectional Presentation Day.

There will be another 4-H Presentation Day in Arbuckle on Feb. 26 at 6 PM. ■

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