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Candidate Profiles and Q&A: Colusa County Supervisor, Dist. 3

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2020 Primary Election • Tuesday, March 3

Colusa County Supervisor, District 3


I was born and raised in Vacaville, California, graduating from Vacaville High School. While completing my B.S. in Mathematics at UC Davis, I worked for Unitrans, a mostly student-run public transportation service. While working at Unitrans, I worked as a bus driver, dispatching/road supervisor, and assistant driver trainer. During my last year at UC Davis, I served as Director for Specialized Transportation Services, a sister company of Unitrans focusing on Dial-a-Ride and Charter services. I then went on to work for First Transit and Veolia as Operations Manager for their East Bay Paratransit and Yolobus contracts, respectively. Most recently, I served as Transit Manager for the Colusa County Transit Agency. I moved to Colusa County in February 2008. Since moving to Williams, I have immersed myself in the community. I have been a volunteer with the Williams Fire Department since 2012, and currently serve as Captain and Chairman of the Williams Volunteer Firefighters Association. I served fours year on the Williams City Council (2013-2016), and I have been serving as County Supervisor for District 3 since 2017. In 2011, I met Hayley, the love of my life. We moved in together in 2014 and are currently raising our bulldog, Harvey.


I was born and raised in Solano County, and worked in Healthcare management and social services for the last 15 years. I’ve been married to my wife, Jamie, for 13 years. Together, we have three children – Jordan, Jaycie and Judah. Throughout my career, I’ve also served in ministry, as an Associate Pastor of Families, and currently, serving as Pastor of Williams Community Church. I was chosen by fellow pastors in our County to serve as President of the Ministerial Association of Colusa County. As an association, we’ve sought to care for anyone that has need for food, clothing, sheltering and transportation needs. Through our work, we’ve been able to open food and clothing closets throughout Colusa County, and ensured families in our county receive access to needed services.
I serve as a Trustee on the Colusa County Board of Education, where I’ve aimed to provide not only support to our educators, but also as citizen oversight to the budget and staff of the Colusa County Office of Education. I’m proud of the work that our staff has done, to open educational access and opportunities to not just students within county schools, but also to our school districts and their students.

Q. Why are you running for Colusa County Supervisor?

Kent S. Boes: Since moving here in 2008, I’ve fallen in love with this community. Colusa County is the definition of community. Everyone knows everyone and is always willing to help out. My friends and neighbors, whom I consider to be family, have lifted me up and made my life better from day one. I’ve always strived to give back to the community that has given me so much, and given my skillsets, fire service and local politics are the best way I can. I’m running for Supervisor because I truly want to make Williams, and Colusa County, a better place for everyone.

Jason D. McMullan: Like other families in our community, my family and I moved to Williams to work and live, because of the potential of a better life for our children that provided a small-town feeling. However, as I’ve served here, I’ve found that a lot of my work has been advocating for the needs of families in our community, because we lack sufficient opportunities to gainful employment, equitable access to county services in our smaller communities, and have a great need for affordable housing. Coupled with the fact that it has been nearly 4 years with no resolution to our ambulance situation, helped me to realize that we need a Supervisor that was a true Community Advocate.

Q. What do you believe are the most pressing issues for Colusa County and your general plan to address them?

Kent S. Boes: The most pressing issue for Colusa County at present is restoring our emergency services to their previous level. I have been working tirelessly on this issue, exploring every possibility to ensure a long-term solution, and not simply a temporary band-aid fix. Behind that, economic development and housing remain a priority for Colusa County. The wheels of economic development are turning, but we need to take advantage of the momentum and continue our current practices. Housing stock remains in short supply, and with economic expansion, even more will be needed. We must ensure a development friendly atmosphere to encourage growth.

Jason D. McMullan: Colusa County’s most pressing issues are the ones that are directly related to it’s future prosperity – Increased Ambulance service, Economic Development, and affordable housing. My general plan to address these, would be to work with county leadership and Enloe to find an immediate way to bring back a second ambulance. I would seek out businesses in our state that provide gainful employment, and provide common sense incentives to bring them here. Lastly, affordable housing cannot only be found through low and medium income housing opportunities, but through establishing non-seasonal in our county that can afford housing in our county.

Q. If elected, what would be your top priorities once you took office?

Kent S. Boes: First, I have been working on emergency response and management in Colusa County since taking my seat in 2017, and I remain committed to improving those services. I will not rest until two full-time ambulances are in Colusa County. Second, I remain committed to controlled economic development. We slashed our impact fees by 98 percent to create a more welcoming environment for new business. We will continue making changes conducive to growth and development. Lastly, with economic expansion, housing becomes a necessity. I have been working very closely with local planning departments to make necessary changes that would facilitate housing growth.

Jason D. McMullan: We need to finally resolve the fact that we only have one ambulance in our entire county. We’ve waited long enough for current leadership to restore services, and have lost considerable time in enacting solutions that will take time to complete. I would focus on what we’re doing to draw large employers into our community. With our unemployment rate over 14 percent, we clearly have more to do in providing incentives to businesses to relocate to our County. I’d look for each County department to explain how they provide equitable access to each community in our County, or what could they do to better serve our communities in providing services.

Q. If elected, how would you address the need for 100-year flood protection?

Kent S. Boes: The need for 100-year flood protection certification is paramount for Colusa County. Without it, economic development, housing, and growth in general will be hampered in Colusa County due to increasing insurance costs and construction costs for development within the floodplain. Addressing this issue will require extensive public outreach and educating the public in every aspect related to 100-year flood protection. Seeking out and applying for federal and state funding will also be critical in reinforcing Colusa County’s levee system.
Jason D. McMullan: Not Answered.

Q. Would you support a special assessment district or countywide sales tax measure to fund a special need, such as increased ambulance services?

Kent S. Boes: I believe that making a hasty decision to move immediately towards a special assessment district or sales tax measure to solve or address any problem is irresponsible and a detriment to those I serve. I believe that taking a slow, methodic approach to solving a problem will always yield the best results. All options must be explored and exhausted before considering a special assessment district or sales tax. That being said, once all options are considered, if either of those options comes out as the best option, I would work to make sure the public is as informed as possible.

Jason D. McMullan: Yes, if our county leadership decided that a special district or a countywide sales tax measure was the best way to fund increased ambulance services, then I would support that. Other options include a mixture of budget cuts, a hotel tax, in addition to a special district. However, if those were the only options, it should not have taken since 2015, when we first knew this would be a problem, to enact one of these options. My concern is not the lack of remedies, but the length of time it has taken to enact one. We need political fortitude to finally resolve the ambulance concern.

Q. What do you think is the most impactful and practical way Colusa County can help address housing insecurity/housing  shortages/homelessness?

Kent S. Boes: The most impactful way Colusa County can address this is to create an environment that is inviting for housing development to occur. Colusa County has already been working towards this goal, and I plan to continue supporting decisions and programs that create an environment that is welcoming for housing development. Recently, I voted to slash Colusa County’s impact fees by 98%. I have also worked with programs like Neighborworks who have already built a development in Williams and will be breaking ground on a new development in Arbuckle shortly. More housing is critical, and must be encouraged.

Jason D. McMullan: Our housing and shortages and insecurities will not simply be resolved by only establishing or expanding county services that require additional resources and employment costs. Our county has great opportunities to learn from other communities that have worked with community-based organizations, such as non-profit agencies, private foundations, churches, and temples, and allow them to take a lead in addressing homelessness and housing insecurity. I’d like to see our county be willing to walk alongside these organizations as partners. We would realize significant financial benefits by allowing our private agencies to take the lead, in situations where regulations would allow.

Q. What is your opinion on allowing cannabis operations in the unincorporated areas of Colusa County similar to those already approved and operating in the City of Colusa? Would you support cannabis dispensaries?

Kent S. Boes: When cannabis became legal, I was placed on the Cannabis Ad-Hoc committee for Colusa County. I did extensive research and outreach throughout all of Colusa County. After compiling mass amounts of data, and determining the wants of each district, District 3 was the only district that approved of limited cannabis production. I take my job as a representative seriously, and even if it conflicts with my own views, I will always vote on behalf of my constituents. I was the lone dissenting vote when considering our ordinance. As the needs and wants of everyone I represent changes, so will I.

Jason D. McMullan: I support comprehensive regulation of cannabis operations, which would also include sensible rules on where it would be allowed to operate, that honored our community’s values of protecting children and families. While I see retail cannabis operations being more appropriate in larger cities, I also recognize that there is great need for increased tax base, and that may sway us into allowing cannabis dispensaries. It’s important that we continue to count the cost of having dispensaries in our unincorporated areas of the county, and seek more public input.

Q. What is your plan to spur economic development in Colusa County?

Kent S. Boes: Spurring economic development will require a similar approach as encouraging housing development. We must create an environment that is welcoming and attractive for businesses to want to move into or expand within Colusa County. As mentioned previously, I voted to slash impact fees. I also voted to restructure our Community Development Block Grant loan programs to provide more opportunities for local entrepreneurs. We are already seeing results as new businesses are moving into Colusa County and creating new jobs. Unemployment has decreased by over 5% since December of 2016. I will continue to make similar decisions that encourage overall growth.

Jason D. McMullan: Here is what my plan will not be – It won’t be to simply sit on various boards and committees, and vote for other people to spur growth. I’d seek to be an active leader in our strategic plan for bringing private-sector employment into our County. We need year-round, gainful employment in our county, that will lead to families being better able to afford housing. When we recognize that strong businesses, families, and community-based services are not only central to our economic growth, but will serve to draw industry to our area, we’ll finally see more jobs that keep our children and grandchild employed locally.

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