Maxwell school board seats new member


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In order to avoid the cost of a special election, the Maxwell Unified School District Board of Trustees last week appointed Jason Bowen to fill the vacancy created by the recent resignation from the school board of Robert Shadley, III.

Shadley resigned in January in order for his wife, Summer, to serve as the next Maxwell superintendent of schools, beginning July 1, without creating a conflict of interest for the couple.

Bowen, 40, graduated from Maxwell High School in 1997 and from California State University, Chico, in 2002, with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture science.
The school board interviewed four potential candidates for the vacant seat during a special meeting on Jan. 12.

“All were well qualified,” said Board President Diana Kemp Azevedo.

Bowen has served on numerous boards, and is past chairman of the California Rice Research Board and Maxwell Ag Advisory Board. He also served as treasurer on the Maxwell Volunteer Firefighters Association board and was a member of the Maxwell Little League board.

“I enjoy serving my community,” Bowen said. “I always have, ever since I came home from college.”

Bowen was the only candidate of the four to previously run for the elected position. He was one of seven candidates who vied for three open seats on the MUSD board in the 2014 general election.

“I’ve always been willing to serve,” Bowen said. “My heart is here. It’s always been here, and it’s always going to be here.”

Bowen has two children in Maxwell schools, and believes he will be a good fit on the board. He has a good understanding of budgets, is a problem solver, and is willing to help out in anyway he can.

“I feel that I can bring an open mind to any situation, so that whatever the problem at hand is, it can be solved fairly and correctly,” Bowen said.

Bowen will serve out Shadley’s term, which would have expired in December of 2022.
Trustee Tom Charter said he was happy with the amount of local interest in serving on the school board.

Kurt Barrett, Zach Urrutia, and Noah Gomez also applied for the vacant position.

“I was really excited to see the three (other) gentlemen sitting up here,” Charter said. “Any of the them would be great, great board members. But Jason does more for the youth…the time he spends with the youth is amazing.”■