Talent abounds at High School Art Show

Williams youth tap into their artistic talents at the fourth annual Williams Art Show on Feb. 26.

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The fourth annual Williams Art Show had more participation than ever before.

The art program and show at Williams High School on Feb. 25, was a joint effort of the Williams Art and Crafts Club, Art Buddies, and Studio ABC.

The show allows students in K-12 to put their creativity on display, said Williams Unified School District teacher, Sally Hedley.

“We had over 1,000 pieces of art (at this year’s show),” Hedley said.

Hedley, who has taught art at Williams for seven years, took over the entire art department a few years ago, and teaches students to paint, draw, throw clay, and find other ways to express themselves through art.

While much of the artwork, including tiles, totems, mobiles, masks, and pots made of clay, as for display only, hundreds of pieces of art were judged, with ribbons awarded for creations in pencil, acrylic paint, watercolors, or a mixture of everything. Photography, digital art, and other art forms were also judged.

Jacky Mendez, a junior, won a Best of Show for a drawing entitled “My imagination.”
“My inspiration was only relaxed and imagining what I wanted to draw,” Mendez said, adding that she still aspires to do better than in art that what she submitted.

Jocelin Ayala, also a junior, earned a Best of Show for an untitled photograph, and said looking at the work of other photographers inspired her.

“I would want people to be inspired by photography,” she said.

Winning Best of Show for painting were Alandra Cano (12th grade), Daisy Luna (9th), and Adres Esqueda (7th).

Best of Show for drawing went to Linda Rivera (9th), Esmeralda Velazquez (8th), Jacky Munoz (9th), Haley Aragon (12), and Gustavo Hernandez (8th).

Mixed media Best of Show winners included Jackie Hernandez, Sonia Luna (12th), Jacky Mendez (11th), and Jackie Rivera (12th).

Best of Show winners in photography, in addition to Ayala, were Braulio Rivera (8th) and Chantal Cruz (7th).

Best of Show for ceramics went to Marie Arumbula (11th), Jaylen Davalos (11th), Valerie Orozco, and Laura Canchola (11th).

Art in school not only helps students with self-expression, but also builds confidence, Hedley said.

This year’s Art Show included performances by the Williams High School, art and digital photography booths, a raffle of prizes donated by local businesses, and refreshments. ■

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