Calling all young artists

Joan Holybee and Judy Busath, Williams Community Center volunteers looks over a drawing done by a local student for the 2019 Youth Art Show hosted by the Williams Community Center. Submissions for the upcoming 2020 show are now being accepted until March 23.

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The Williams Community Center will host their Youth Art Show from 10 AM to 2 PM, on March 28.  

Judy Busath, event organizer, attended a youth art show while on vacation seven years ago and got the idea to do it locally. 

“I wanted to show that we have that kind of talent here in our county,” said Busath. “I am really pleased with how it’s turned out.”

Busath said that she has had a lot of support from school staff who encourage the students to submit their art. 

“I just hope that a lot of the students participate because it’s really nice,” Busath said. 

The show will be particularly nice for the seven winners of the cash prizes, up to $100.

Judges will evaluate the submissions and winners will be notified prior to the show. The prizes will be presented at 1 PM during the art show. The deadline for submissions is March 23. For more information, contact Busath at ■