Fashionistas give a historic show


History came alive on Saturday at the Sacramento Valley Museum as clothing spanning 220 years were paraded across the museum’s stage. 

Women from Saint Mark’s United Methodist Church modeled clothing in sequential order that narrated the fashions that evolved over time, giving the audience a glimpse into the kind of females that wore them.  

“The clothing was donated, and over a period of years, the collection grew from the original,” said Marilyn Hasbrouck, a St. Mark’s UMW member and emcee for the show. 

Hasbrouck said the clothing came from “The Morrow sisters, Irish immigrants who lived in New York. 

The clothing later went to a relative in Sacramento, who donated the garb. 

The church members have been donning the historic garb since the bulk of it was donated in 1961. 

Spectators at the museum on Saturday learned about the garments, complete with accessories and the women who wore them. Some of the outfits shown were that of a school marm, with spectacles and book, and a suffragette, with a straw hat and picket sign. The 1920s flapper, with cerise cape, did the Charleston and carried a cigarette in her mesh purse, and the hippy, in a purple and red print caftan, showed off love beads and a macrame bag.

Kathy Manor, facilitator for the event, said the show and event was fun for everyone, including the models who took to the stage. 

“Their acting was really cute,” she said. “They did a really good job with that.”

Manor said that the event was a success with 100 tickets sold in advance. 

The fashion show was a double fundraiser for the museum and for the church, with the latter using their proceeds to fund their women and children ministry. ■