Young cartoonist inspired by homeschooling 

Henry Jewett, 11, of Colusa, works on a cartoon strip while homeschooling during the great coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Students out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic are finding that it makes “staying at home” easier when they get their creative juices flowing.

Henry Jewett, 11, the son of Clint Jewett, would normally spend most of his day at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Schools with his sister, Eleanor.

Since school closed two week ago to flatten the curve of COVID-19, Henry has been homeschooling with his grandparents, David and Harriett Resch, while his dad works. But homeschooling, surprisingly, left Jewett with a lot of time on his hands every day after his schoolwork is completed.

“I usually get my assignments done early,” said Jewett, who has been occupying himself with a new hobby.

Jewett has created a cartoon strip about two mosquito characters named Buzz and Sucker, as they interact in a pub named Bloody Mary.

While Jewett is enjoying his newfound success of having his carton published in the Pioneer Review, he said his inspiration came from video creators.

“When I watch a lot of videos on You Tube, I see that all these animators started out doing these cool comics, so I thought I would give it a try,” Jewett said. “Plus, I like drawing cartoons.”

Jewett and his friends have created other cartoon projects at school, but now that he is sheltering in place as directed, the young cartoonist has found working alone has allowed him to plot out a storyline and get a few comic strips under his belt.

Jewett said he based the strip around mosquitoes – Colusa’s unofficial mascot – because of their prevalence in the local community from spring until fall.

Susan Meeker
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