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What’s your plan? (07/15/2020)

Sometimes it is just better to remove one’s self from the situation. It might save a lot of heartaches, headaches, and maybe some anger or embarrassment. There are certain times when it is the best choice. I did just exactly that a bit ago and it is certainly clear to me looking back that things were benefiting me, although at the time, it was not the focus of my attention.

My phone gave up the ghost. I could lie and say that it was unexpected, but it was spending more time tethered to the wall then out and about. I am not the sort of guy that has to have the latest tech, nor do I spend my dollars on the top end. The four females I have under the roof more than balance me out. They have the right to spend their earned income on any want they desire. It is my privilege to provide for their needs. The line between needs and wants is always a hot topic of debate in our home.

Speaking of needs, the first new car I purchased off the lot had a car phone install rather quickly. I was old enough to drive and young enough not to know any better. I had copious amounts of confidence and had gathered an extensive amount of knowledge in farm computing. It was paying some bills. I enjoyed driving up and down three-quarters of the state conducting business on the car phone. It was a simpler time when not everyone had a phone in one hand, the steering wheel in the other, and their eyes plastered on their lap reading a text. It would be about five to ten years before cell phones would replace my trunked radio system.

Technology then was not cheap. Most of my business came from quick return on investments. Items were quality and built to last. All parts were serviceable. My clients were taken care of over that car phone. As I mentioned, my cell phone died, it ceased to take a charge. I couldn’t get it fixed over the phone and so I had to take it in. Replacing the battery would easily solve my problem.

I was told that you don’t replace the battery. You can’t replace the battery in today’s models. You must buy another phone. Maybe to make me feel better, the clerk told me he was impressed that I got three years of use out of the phone; they’re designed for obsolescence in half that time he quipped. We most certainly have become a throwaway society.

Where is the satisfaction in that you might ask? It wasn’t shelling out the cash to buy another; knowing I was now a reluctant pawn in their silly little game. My peace of mind came from going without! I hadn’t been in such a positive attitude for some time. I went cold turkey from social media, and I have not felt better.

Removing myself has become a bit of a blessing. I can focus more clearly on that that I should be in the first place. I do feel it is appreciated; I haven’t been so difficult to live with. I have decided not to fight the mask any longer and it will go everywhere outside the home with me. Maybe if we all do it, there won’t be any room for argument as to a mask’s pros and cons. Wishful thinking. We now downplay the dirty laundry of insufficient COVID deaths by hyping the confirmed case numbers. It will move on to yet another focus shortly. In the meantime, go get some fresh air and walk in the sunshine!

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