Monday, June 14, 2021



What’s your plan? (07/22/2020)

More times than not, I sit down at the keyboard purposely focused with the end in mind only to take a somewhat abandoned side road that ends up reversing my direction and heading me 180 degrees in the other direction.  Yes, I wander.  I then have a hundred thoughts on my mind and am stuck in neutral.  Somewhere in all the clutter and noise, there is a plan and an ultimate direction.

My social butterfly of the Girls doesn’t yet have a quiet and calm position on her gearshift of life.  Her throttle is stuck wide open.  It would be nearly impossible to put into words what results when she is confined within four walls.  I feel for those of us who are riding out this shelter in place order with Littles.  My wife’s circle is having terrific results implementing indoor exercise trampolines.

I am thanking my Heavenly Father for the smaller things in life; those with similar thought processes to mine.  My butterfly can shelter in place with her friends.  The Arens’ extended family grows.  I would like to get a straight answer as to if 19 is one and done or more like the flu and a person just gets bit over again with another strain?  On a personal note, it would be nice to know if a person has had it, recuperated, and is now non-infectious.  I am of the belief that COVID hit our area last November and spiked in February and only to be drawn out much longer than necessary.

The Kid devises this plan to get her out of the house.  You would think that planning would be the end of it with our present predicament.  But she irons out the details and pulls it off.  Her friend’s parents must be also looking for a bit of sanity in this present mess.  With my hidden agenda, I have little argument over driving her to a halfway point for drop off.

Governor Nuisance (sic) seems to think that his elected position entitles him to unrighteous dominion.  I guess I am not yelling loud enough that this current course is dangerous.  I am growing less defensive over the current political picture and beginning to be at peace with what is the status quo for our rights, liberties, and freedoms being trampled.  Our Founding Fathers were inspired and prophesied of our day!  Nuisance is posturing for his run in four years for the White House.  Maybe we can ‘woke’ enough to come to our senses.

Quickly she was off and on her way to her adventure.  The two were giddy and bouncing about, not a care in the world.  It sorta rubbed off on me.  I seem to be finding more tranquility on my life’s gearshift lately.  How peaceful it is to drive again.  Just turn off the noise with a push of the radio’s power knob.  What wonderful thoughts and amazing anecdotes raced and played out in my fiendish little mind?  Someone much smarter and wiser than I am is meticulously trying to show me how things really are.  For now, I’ll drive about in the sunshine swathed in my smirk.

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