Thursday, June 24, 2021


Watchman on the wall: Who are “America’s Frontline Doctors”?

Last week, a group of doctors held a press conference in front of the Supreme Court sharing the success of Hydroxychloroquine in their practices. They were immediately censored by YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, their posts repeatedly removed. Some have been fired, reprimanded, vilified in the press. Why? Who are these doctors who risk losing their careers, daring to speak up against the mainstream media in order to save lives?

Simone Gold MD, Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA. 31 years experience in the medical field. Graduated from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine Science / The Chicago Medical School in 1989. Affiliated with Centinela Hospital Medical Center.

Dr. Bob Hamilton, Pediatrician from Santa Monica, CA. Medical School UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA. Internship UCLA Geffen School of Medicine, LA, CA. Residency UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.

Dr. Stella Immanuel, Primary Care Doctor in Houston, TX. Medical School in West Africa, Cameroon. Practiced in Louisiana, now resides in Texas where she has treated more than 350 COVID patients. (She’s a Fireball; look her up!)

Dr. Dan Erickson, DO, Emergency Medicine Specialist in Bakersfield, CA. 16 years experience in the medical field. Graduated from Western Univ. of Health Science / College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific 2004.

Dr. James Todaro, MD, an Ophthalmology Specialist who received his medical degree from Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in NY. Surgical training with four additional years of residency in ophthalmology.

Dr. Joe Ladapo, MD, PhD. Physician at UCLA and clinical researcher. Internal Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, 2011. Residency Internal Medicine, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, East Campus 20008-2009. Degree Harvard Medical School, MD, 2008 Harvard Univ. Grad School of Arts, Science, PhD, 2008.

Other doctors are now coming forth to express their frustrations of not being able to give their patients a protocol they know works and is saving lives. Dr. George Fareed, who graduated with honors from Harvard in 1970 and studied research, medicine and teaching at Harvard and UCLA. Dr. Lisa Koche, MD is an Internal Medicine Specialist in Tampa, FL with 24 years experience. She is affiliated with St. Joseph’s Hospital. Dr. Dareld Morris, DO of Morris Medical Center in Ft. Myers, Florida. Harvey Risch, MD, PhD, epidemiologist at Yale university in Connecticut.

Governors have ordered Pharmacy Boards to ban Hydroxychloroquine even though it is used in cases for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctors across the United States are being called and asked by pharmacists to divulge the intended use. This violates Physician/ Patient privacy, HIPAA laws.

When I reached out to the local pharmacy of my county, I was told that they did indeed receive notification from the PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Managers) that the pharmacy has to ask the purpose of use since Hydroxychloroquine is not authorized by the FDA for COVID use. If the insurance company is going to pay for HQ, it must be documented for authorized use, or the money will be taken away from the Pharmacy retroactively. Patients can pay out of pocket and bypass the insurance companies.

In Nazi Germany, scientists and doctors who didn’t agree with Hitler’s race science, were also censored and silenced. Wake up America!

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