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Watchman on the Wall: Carrying precious seed

In 2005, during an outreach to Bethlehem, I was approached by Aglow leadership who wanted to bless Dr. K., who has a TV program to minister to Muslims around the world. Since many subjects are taboo, Muslim women don’t have a way to speak out about spousal abuse, medical questions, child rearing questions. Dr. K. provides a talk show-type format where these are discussed, and people can call in to ask questions. Many ask questions about Christianity.

Arabic Bibles are expensive in the United States, but in Israel they are quite reasonable. Many of the 300 Aglow participants on the tour bought Arabic Bibles to carry home to the United States in their suitcases and then ship to Dr. K.

However, sending Bibles from Europe to Dr. K. in the United States is cost prohibitive. That’s where I came in. Would I mind being the courier for these Bibles? Absolutely, I would love to do this. At Ben Gurion airport, that put me in the line with the German citizens and my large, heavy box of Arabic Bibles.

Now it gets interesting as confused Israeli guards are checking passports. Why is an American in the line with the German citizens, and what is in the box? They discuss it in Hebrew then confiscate my passport. Then I am removed from the line of Germans to explain why I am not with the other Americans. Then they open the box and see Arabic books. Why am I taking the Koran into the United States? I patiently explain that they are not Korans but the Tenach, the Holy sacred writings of the Christians and the Jews. Why on earth would I take Bibles to Muslims? My reply was, “We want to teach them to love the God of Israel.” Wow, did that open a can of worms.

Next I am taken to a very long table where they open the box, remove all the Bibles and use a wand to search for explosives. During this time, my friend Runa from Iceland has just gotten through her line and on her way to the tarmac. When she sees me, she quickly assesses the situation and realizes what is happening. With a quick, knowing nod of her head, she stands off to one side, and I know she is praying.

This heavy box of books suddenly became very precious to me. Not just books, but the source of changed lives and peace. These were Precious Seeds that must get to the United States even if I have to miss my plane. I AM NOT LEAVING THESE BIBLES BEHIND!

Suddenly one of the guards excitedly says, “She’s right. It’s the Tenach,” as he was looking through the Old Testament. Then there were five guards looking through the Arabic Bibles. A quick discussion in Hebrew led to the return of my passport, the boxing up of these precious Books and my quick retreat from Ben Gurion with a huge sigh of relief. Thank You, Adonai, for providing Precious Seed! 

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