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What’s your plan? (08/13/2020)

Some of you might be familiar with the Seefood diet? It has been the only one I have been able to successfully pull off. The premise is quite simple. You see food, you eat it! And that presents some trouble for me. I love food. I would argue this because I am sure that it is not just a love to eat. My preferences are pretty specific; not centered solely on junk food and I like to experiment with my cuisine. I like the motto that I don’t eat to survive but survive to eat! It is even better to not have to cook it.

That is one reason the Girls got into the kitchen; my desire to be lazy. All four of them were quite the sight. Yes I have three at home. That fourth in this instance is the self-proclaimed fifth daughter. I’ve taken it to be a compliment and smile because she has been a good influence on the Grad. She has even added a job in this season of her life and college. It was her aspiration to make flautas.

Mexican food and pizza are at the top of my favorite food list. The more ‘hole in the wall’ establishment the better. These times sadden and frustrate me. I can’t go and sit down and soak it all in. It might be something I could handle if I just had faith in our temporal leadership. I voted for Trump because he can make a difference. The swamp has fought him every step of the way. It is getting obvious as to their agenda and what they have to hide.

Well back to the kitchen. The undertaking was a pretty big enterprise. Being able to pull it off required they work together. Unity in the Arens’ home is a rare gem. Most of the time the Girls order burgers when we find ourselves at Mexican food. Cooking isn’t something that I’m too familiar with them performing. I can’t tell you the last time I can remember all three cooking together. Have we been bad parents?

And then the kicker! They wanted to add dessert and decided they could use a cookbook. They settled on peach turnovers because we had all the ingredients. Settled doesn’t fit the last sentence; they set their sights on peach turnovers works better. I will make it clear that turnover dough was not lying around, this was scratch baking with flour and shortening. I must say that they didn’t think too much about it; none had ever ventured much into this baking arena. I am pleased with myself for not planting a seed of doubt in them.

We ended up eating later than normal. What impressed me about the Four Girls Eatery was the quantity and quality of the food. Excellent chicken flautas with homemade salsa. A side of rice. I prefer a green salad to accompany my dining experience. This conflicted with their cactus salad. I have been missing out and it became clear to me that the bins of piled high cactus at the open-air markets have another purpose rather than aesthetics. I will miss this newfound fav when I empty the bowl.

The turnovers weren’t a whit behind anything I could have store-bought. What an impressive end to such a simple idea as let’s meet in the middle and work together. I am off to develop a cactus salad dish and prescribe copious amounts of sunshine and fresh air for the times. That is where I’m headed after I get their kitchen mess cleaned up.

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