Friday, May 14, 2021



Life, as I see it: Twilight Zone

If you read this column you know I love a road trip.

Our mini vacation to Cody, Wyoming, last week was a great get away. Although we had to forego some things the hotel would normally provide (robes and hot cooked breakfasts), it was still most enjoyable.

We had a little balcony connected to the room. It was wonderful to enjoy the morning air there, surrounded by the hills.

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West was amazing and huge. So much history. The Wyoming Dinosaur Center, in Thermopolis, was something worth visiting. We were surprised to see the size of some of the dinosaurs found right there in Wyoming.

There were people wearing masks, but it was not mandatory, so we used our own judgment on when and where it was needed.

Then on the way home we stopped overnight in Billings, Montana. Life is different there these days. Masks are mandatory wherever you go.

It’s not just the masks, it’s the twilight zone atmosphere that comes with the wearing of them. There is something kind of eerie about walking among the masked masses. People seem to have this doe in the headlights look about them. We follow the arrows so as to walk the right direction and not chance greeting another person.

One store I visited had a guard at the entrance to let you know if you could enter or not.

Normally, I love shopping in Billings. This time, I did my errands as quick as possible and headed back to the hotel. All I wanted to do was go home.

Now I’m safe and sound at my little house on the prairie in Beach, ND. As much as I love a road trip, I think I’ll just stay home for a while.

Yesterday, JB Bemis, a local organic grower, delivered a bevy of beautiful fresh vegetables to my house. You don’t get service like that with city living. It all looks and smells fresh and wonderful. I can’t wait to cook some of it up.

It is the peace and quiet and the simple things that I like most about living here.

Yep, I don’t have the road trip urge right now. I’m happy to be home.

Life is good today.

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