Monday, May 17, 2021



Life, as I see it…: Grateful

Even with the restrictions and weird lifestyles forced upon us these days, there are things for which to be grateful.

We celebrated grandson Kohen’s 8th birthday at our house yesterday. It was great weather to be outside, swim and enjoy.

It’s always good to see the grandkids happy.

One thing I noticed was how much Kohen appreciated everything. He smiled just as big getting a hand painted picture from his cousin Lea as he did getting any other of his gifts (including a RC car). He’s a good boy.

Today we will all gather at Grandma Tillie’s hill for the Craigo Clan traditional first day of school photos. Again, things are different. It isn’t the first day of school and frankly we don’t know when it will be the first day. So be it. Tradition is tradition so we’ll do a mock up of the event.

If nothing else, this will be a year we remember.

Friends here yesterday for the party asked if we were going to stay the winter this year. Yes, we are staying. We live here full time now. We are both planning things to occupy our time.

Years ago, my beloved friend Lynda Reynolds encouraged me to write a blog. I gave it a try but never seemed to get it right. Now, I think I’ve stumbled onto my niche. I love to cook and I love to write so that is why I started

My plan is to keep building on it and also being productive in the long cold winter ahead.

Like everyone else, I keep hoping the whole virus ordeal will pass. Until then, we pray, we hope and we try to stay busy.

Regardless of the frustration, I remain grateful. All I have to do is look around and see the dynasty of love we have created in our family.

Life is good today.

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