Tuesday, June 22, 2021


What’s your plan? (09/02/2020)

You might have heard it said that a family that plays together stays together. I much prefer a family that prays together, stays together. It’s a great step toward eternal families. Then there is the family that works together. Some do well while others are not so good. I have quite a bit of experience working on the family farm and more skills and greater knowledge for the wear of it. When Dad retired and put me out to pasture, I thought that working as a family was bygone days. Fast forward to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.

The five of us have been for the most part inseparable since March. The oldest two have ventured out and are learning new skills flipping burgers and making tacos. Both have amendatory scars won from transacting with the public. Contrary to what twisted society our governor might be trying to create, I believe people skills will be important in their future. When they’re not at work, all three are semi-absorbed of their Chromebook screens and to some extent participatory in distance learning.

Our home has become one massive cubical, although it might lean more toward resembling the water cooler atmosphere of the workspace. We are working tirelessly to improve our multitasking proficiencies. Every task is accented with copious amounts of verbal pronouncements. There are times when these statements even achieve successful two-way communication, but we strive to improve. There have been those rare occasions when something has even been accomplished.

I can’t wait for classroom instruction to resume.

I am noticing some noteworthy matters emerging outside my walls in this lockdown chapter. I dare to say they fester into frustrations for me. I am walking more than ever, fortunately for this time, it is by choice and not by necessity. Although I am deemed non-essential (arguing I am indispensable and must be evaluated under other sets of criteria), I do have cashflow which disappears quickly into the car’s tank. We will continue to ride for now.

Garbage bins seem to be scarce. The nearer to roads I walk, the more litter is plentiful. I would like to proclaim that the farther off the beaten path one ventures, the less rubbish one will find. I remember days past when one could take in a panorama and not look upon waste as a component of the vista.

We are in a hurry. Beware the freeways. Obeying the speed limits will get you killed. Anything slower than 80 miles per hour will obtain you an unwanted vehicle attachment to your bumper. This must be the justification for the man running the stop sign exiting 5 by Sinclair. He must have been traveling just too fast to stop. We might argue the case because he got the pickup pointed south and quickly accelerated through the 4-way stop headed down Wildwood Road. It would have been a mess if the students were following the regular bell schedule.

Hillgate is the Arbuckle Quarter mile. Speeds of 45+ are not out of the normal in town. I just sorta shook my head as I watched a vehicle rocket around another speeding one because, it wasn’t going fast enough, maybe? Stop signs would be an excellent addition at 10th Street. Sadly, they would most likely be treated similarly to that printed above.

We are one family. Greater than will fit under one roof. What one of us does or doesn’t do will affect the whole. “As long as the choices people make do not affect others, then they are free to do what they want.” The argument is FALSE. Without a course correction, we are headed for dire straits.

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