Thursday, June 24, 2021


Life, as I see it: Happy Birthday, Lea

It’s hard to believe that our Lea is turning 11 this week. Yesterday, we celebrated with the last pool party of the year. The mornings are crisp and the days are starting to be cooler. Fall is here and winter is looming. It’s about time to shut the pool down for the season. 

It’s a process, but having conquered it last year we can do it. 

The final piece of the patio remodel is supposed to arrive Sept. 18 when the hot tub was scheduled for delivery. Not so. We got notice this week that it won’t be here until Oct. 9 or so. The reason? COVID of course. 

Does anyone else see a pattern of excuses here? A hot tub ordered and paid for in June is now on backorder because of COVID. Doesn’t make sense to me, but that is the way of our world these days. 

We’ll survive without the tub for a few more weeks, but that’s not the point. Life was far simpler when people kept promises and did the job without a convenient excuse. 

When I was in business, I kept my word and I delivered what I promised.

Back when we were moving I wrote about a great service I found. This woman was an estate sale coordinator. She set up a sale, she and her team did the sale and then paid the client 60 percent of the profits.

Enter COVID. She informed me a sale wasn’t feasible but that she would buy our stuff. We agreed on a price. Long story short, we’re still waiting for our money. We were paid only a portion of what is owed.  It’s been a lot of excuses, but still no cash.

It makes me sad that another person would think it’s ok to do that sort of thing.

My folks taught me to be honest in all dealings. That’s the motto I have lived by so I’m naive in trusting others.

I think it’s time to step up, be honest and stop making excuses.

Regardless – Life is good in North Dakota today. ♣

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