Monday, June 14, 2021



What’s your plan? (09/16/2020)

I have shrouded myself in the foulest of moods; prone to moan, gritch, and rant.

I am tired of being cooped up. We are a two-car family as if that should be flaunted as some badge of honor. Our second vehicle has been mostly stationary since the start of the pandemic. It has moved less than 500 miles. There is a winner in all this. Auto Insurance companies are making bank on their windfall of absent claims. How blessed we are to be receiving rebates! Tongue in cheek.

Truly, I should be meeting with my church family. I have aligned with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Christ is the head of the church and that rock talked about in the New Testament is revelation. I know that the heavens are open and if we are rolling over and forfeiting our liberties to adhere to a social distancing etiquette, it came from Him down through the prophet. This is where faith and obedience come in. It never hurts to strengthen these.

I had a little episode of my own at the beauty salon. I wasn’t set up because I made the appointment. Although past hope on the beauty phase, the mane I was sporting was most certainly in need of a trim. When I am bothered by it it is way beyond my wife holding her tongue. It was only my third haircut of 2020. I am somewhat below average this year.

I came to a frightful realization there as I stared back at myself in the mirror. You thought I was going to make a crack about my grey hair; I do not place any hope in these face masks. It impressed me how easily she cut around it. I quipped that she had masterfully honed the skill in the program for the Barber Licensure Exam. I got up out of the chair and in the process couldn’t get out a thank you because of all the hair I choked on. It wasn’t facial hair.

Back to below average. That nephew of hers makes us proud. He was overheard trudging around the Oroville fire devastation howling that climate change was the culprit. Notice how the parties making the warming allegation focus on ‘the science’ and lose sight of the visual. When do they teach fire safety in elementary school? The fire or combustion triangle teaches that you need oxygen, fuel, and an ignition source to achieve the reaction. Take away one of the three and it just can’t happen.

I will concede that an ignition source is synonymous with heat. The elephant in the room is tantamount to an abundance of fuel. Whole forests of dead and dying trees in an overabundance of debris. Over a half-century of mismanagement was an accident waiting to happen and now after three consecutive summers of life-shattering infernos it should be pretty obvious we are suffering the consequences of effecting the wrong programs. The First People did a better job than we are now, what slang did we hurl their way?

Seven comrades pound at the door; pride, greed, . . . to be continued.

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