Monday, June 14, 2021



Life, as I see it: Bonding

I’ve known for many years the value of time spent with my gal pals. Women need that opportunity to share and bond with their female friends.

We love our husbands and boyfriends but there come a time when we need to have some time away from them and spend time with just ‘the girls.’ It somehow feeds the female spirit.

This weekend, I’ve done just that. I’ve been with dear friends, Jean and Lyn, at Lyn’s house in Billings. To some, we may seem boring because we never left the house. Not to us. The time spent visiting and remembering and laughing was just what we needed.

Our worlds these days have changed drastically. It’s not fun to go out into the populous and mingle. So the time sitting on Lyn’s beautiful deck, surrounded by clear blue Big Sky Montana, was perfect.

There was wine, laughter, and homemade food. Perfect.

Today, we all will go our separate ways. Jean back to Wyoming, me to North Dakota, and Lyn here in Montana, but the next time we see each other it will be once again as if we were never separated.

Our friendship spans more than 50 years for Lyn and Jean. I’m the new kid. I’ve only been around for 42 years.

When I originally moved to Beach, it was Lyn and Jean who were my first friends. They took me under their wings. Maybe sometimes tolerated this California girlie girl, but soon taught me to toughen up a bit and be the strong capable women you need to be in North Dakota.

We created a bond, the three of us. It’s a bond that has endured the many years.

We don’t see each other daily, as we once did, but when we come together again we don’t skip a beat. It’s as if we were were never apart.

We have that bond of friendship that has made us family.

Life is good today.

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