Thursday, June 24, 2021


What’s your plan? (09/23/2020)

There are very few things that are really our own.  The right to choose (agency) being one of the few among them.  Too many of us get choice confused with consequence.  There is not a choice for consequences; but that is for another day.

How we decide to handle any given situation is a powerful tool.  I have enrolled in a music course.  The instructor has created a full plate of subject matter and as he was feverously distilling it upon us underlings he ever so briefly demonstrated a concept of contrasting light and dark within music.  Good versus evil leapt throughout my head.  He illustrated by strumming a couple major chords.  The sound radiated and was delightful to soak in.  With minor chords, absorbed and melancholy.

Down a side road penning a few thoughts regarding an individual that was just fun to be around!  It is nice to conjure images of this man and be unable to remember an occasion when he was without a smile.  I hadn’t had my driver’s license long when he shared trust in me with his daughter and our friends sardined in my parent’s station wagon (that impresses me now that I have four daughters of my own).  His demeanor, worthy of emulation.

Art welded.  If he was on the Arens’ Ranch, we had messed things up pretty good.  My Uncle would defer to this fixer.  He would be out in the thick of it, in the heat of the day and the never-ending dust, running that bead to make things whole again.  Glad to say his presents was never a consequence of my negligence, I learned many a lesson in other actions on the farm.  I say it might be difficult not to smile when one has a companion like Bea.  My Thoughts and Prayers to the Olivares Family and friends.  I look forward to that smile when we come together again.

Pride, covetous, lust, anger, envy, gluttony, and sloth are seven vices to bridle.  Not a fun road to travel.  Collectively, they are known as the seven deadly sins, capital vices, or cardinal sins.  Embracing any one of these and one plays with fire; you will find yourself on the dark side (witticism intended).  Evagrius Ponticus (345-399) identified these as thoughts or spirits that one needs to overcome.  At one time, they seemed to be deemed especially perilous in the Western Christian traditions.  One could easily make a case then for casting out demons.  What happened?

Now they sorta just define the times; constitute present culture.  Turn on the Evening Opinions and there is everything but news-worthy substance: these dark cohorts the thick of it.  They just might be the heroes of social media?  It used to be a caution to watch whose company one kept and now it appears trendy to rub elbows with these seven.  This will lead to heartache if there is even a heart left.  I fear too many are past feeling.

I have found it more to my satisfaction and liking to lift than to tear down.  Sadly, I am wondering if it will be possible to stay the present course.  Two weeks in a row without the ability to conclude my thoughts.  Maybe I just picked on something that is too big for me and not easy to take care of.  Maybe another week and I can shed some light on it.

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