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What’s your plan? (09/30/2020)

It is always easier to see the bigger picture when one takes a step back.  Retrospection is perfect vision.  It doesn’t hurt to sleep on it either.  Things are always better after a good night’s sleep.  Morning will always be at the top of my most favorite experiences.  The denser the population, the less activity I tend to find in the morning hours.  An observation from my Sacramento season.  My heart is in rural America.

We caught a glimpse of what would be perfect.  I looked up and saw ideal, blue sky that faded to a couple of star-lite nights.  The sunrise dulled a bit from its bright, blood red rays and illuminated the Buttes.  It is an eerie feeling to know that something that big sits there for our viewing pleasure and yet is hidden just out of sight by glum, impenetrable fume.

It’s a visual object lesson to take nothing for granted.  The times I do have become valued education.  My senior year of high school was one.  My personal encounters weren’t aligning themselves to the folklore of perpetual bliss.  At the time, I was experiencing growing pains that no other could comprehend.  Looking back, it was no superhuman feat of endurance, just a right of passage for all of us.  Personally, it led up to one of my aha moments.  Most likely the eureka encounter.  Since then, I have always held the answer in my grasp.

If you can’t bring yourself to acknowledge the divine and bask in the blessings thereof, then take the agnostic approach.  Take religion out of it and substitute morality.  You’ve heard it said of the like that there is nothing sure in this world but death and taxes.  I think it pretty silly not to include ‘someone to one up ya.’  Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof provides a clue as to why I add this.  “Very good.  That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.”  There will always be someone smarter, stronger, and processing an edge over you.

  I proclaim that always applying the ‘Golden Rule’ is to everyone’s advantage and prosperity.  Pride, covetous, lust, anger, envy, gluttony, and slothfulness are useless and will bring about your undoing.  With human reasoning as god, it would be a goal to tread a path for excellence.  If one is putting forth the effort; humility, charity, chastity, patience, goodwill, self-control, and industry is the better road taken and will increase the likelihood of steering clear of heartache.

I am not one for belittling another’s beliefs.  It is to my liking to lift.  I have developed an ear for listening and am growing in empathy, improvements from the trials I face.  I am a better person for the truths that others share.  If I feels inspired, I will share some of my own to add to yours.  I have a conscience and I appreciate the sense of right and wrong.  It is also described as the voice inside one’s head.  I lean toward a gift from our Heavenly Father, the one Christ promises in the New Testament; the light of Christ, the Spirit, or the Holy Ghost.  By it, we are promised the truth in all things.  It brings a peace and calm as well as the ability to see through the dark and dreary.  Something I am not going to take for granted.

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