Thursday, June 24, 2021


Life, as I see it: Off the grid

We’re going off the grid as they say. Tomorrow we’re heading to a cabin by a river in the middle of Montana. There is no phone, cell service, or WiFi. Just like camping was once.

Actually, I’m kind of excited about being cut off from the weirdness of today’s world if even for a few days.

It’s not like we’ll be totally isolated. The host of the Airbnb tells me there is cell service if we drive up the road a bit.

For now, I’m content  to expect quiet time to read, write, sleep, eat, and watch a few movies. We’re taking DVD’s of the first two seasons of Yellowstone. Actually, the cabin is more of a comfy house. We’re not roughing it much.

I have spent the last week preparing and freezing our cabin meals, plus cooking food for the daily posts, so there’s no interruptions there.

Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy.

All the preparation, writing and posting isn’t new to me. With nearly 30 years of newspaper and publicist work under my belt, I’m used to the pressure to produce. It’s good for me.

Otherwise, I just get old and then I die.

I’m not ready to go just yet. But, as long as I stay, I want to be productive.

We had a nice dinner with the kids last night. I am just so blessed to be surrounded by a family that loves me. The treat for the evening was getting to meet Val’s Sami’s mom, Tasha. Loved her. We’re going to get along great.

So yesterday was National Daughters Day. Lots if people (including me) posted photos on social media of their daughters. I hope daughters realize their value to their moms. I know there are some deadbeat moms out there though.

Last week, I visited with a friend. She had recently taken two sisters to live with her because the mom couldn’t do it. Thankfully, there are women like my friend out there.

I say we treasure what we have.

By the time this column is in print we will have completed our stay at the cabin. God willing and we don’t fall in the river or become lunch for a bear, I’ll be back next week with a report on our adventure. Stay tuned.

Life is good today.

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