Thursday, June 24, 2021


What’s your plan? (10/14/2020)

I guess some people have too much time on their hands.  I might need to take a long, hard look and make an evaluation as to being one among them.  Those taking a dropper and filling a tumbler with liquid to the point of just about spilling over, they’re one of them.  Interesting fun fact, tumbler got its name from the fact that it had a round bottom and when set on a table would lose the contents as it tumbled out all over.  The beginning 1600s was a rough time and made even more difficult by the fact one could not get drunk without paying a premium and offering up their nectar to the dogs.

I will admit that the dropper demonstration is a great science experiment for witnessing cohesive and adhesive forces.  It is nice that in this day and age that we have discontinued the practice of looking at the world as flat and have determined that it is a best practice to make our drinking glasses such.  We learn stuff by doing, or by observing as in the example above.  Why can’t we take other people’s word for it?  There is a point where that one drop will send the contents over the rim or edge if you will.

I am well past that!  I have had just about enough and am going to spill it.

The United States of America is the greatest nation that has ever existed.  When you bad mouth my country, you start treading on my fighting side.  It is the greatest social experiment of all time.  Go back a few centuries.  The First Peoples were here, but they had fallen out with that Great Spirit who had gifted them the land and had desired to extend to them tender mercies.  By embracing the darkness, they forfeited blessings.  Wickedness never will be happiness.

I like how the renaissance period of history has been described as the rediscovery of the classics.  I think that the best of it was putting God back into mankind’s life.  Hence, an inflow of people from the Old World into the New World for the reason of fleeing tyranny and pursuing the dictates of their hearts.  That would be worshipping Heavenly Father.  In God we have trusted, and we had better acknowledge His hand in the establishment of this land and Constitution as well as in all things.  Not every day does one throw off the yoke of bondage of the world’s greatest empire.

About 1812, these people would do it again and introduce and solidify Uncle Sam into the hearts and minds of the people.  Do I think everything just started out perfect?  I think the journey taken is what has made this country great.  We still have light that needs shining into the darkness.  But the people just keep coming.

So, if you have a gripe, I am going there, I invite you to leave.  Go to that better country.  Live where you have the best opportunity for peace and prosperity.  I’ll be pleased to rejoice in and embrace all the good things you bring with you, but don’t expect me to roll over and have mirrored what you left.  I don’t live here because my grandparents to the highest great- had the faith to stow everything they had to their name into a boat and leave everything behind them with a one-way ticket.  This is my choice.

America is still the land of opportunity.  The silent majority has let the squeaky, wicked few run amok too long.  Enough of this bad experiment.  The crumbs falling from the table need to be swept up.  Our Constitution is the glue that holds all us crazy kids together.  Our representatives swore an oath to uphold and defend it; time that the promise stopped being mocked!  Time for us all to come together under Uncle Sam.

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