Thursday, June 24, 2021


Life, as I see it… Goodbye Gwen

Today’s world and the ‘new normal’ is starting to get to me more than ever.

This week, I virtually attended the services of a dear friend who passed suddenly.

This isolation life we live these days prevented us from saying an in-person farewell and it prevented us from being there for her family.

Gwen Oech was a good friend and a women to be admired. She worked hard, and she loved her family without measure. She and husband Darrel have been my friends at least 50 years. They supported my efforts in anything I tried. We worked together, worshipped together, and were always there to encourage one another.

I will miss my friend Gwen. I send my love and blessings to Darrel.

I have been blessed time and again in my lifetime. The blessings originated by God often come delivered by special people. Over the years, I’ve been encouraged by friends, family, and at times, even strangers. It’s important that we bless one another especially now in this turmoil in which we live.

I was so looking forward to moving back to a Beach, ND because of the people here. Ironically, I haven’t seen many people in the last seven months that we’ve been here. I continue to pray for our nation and our world. So far I’m not impressed with the ‘new normal’ and know I’d rather go back to our old ways. You remember: visiting, sharing a cup of coffee, and greeting one another with hugs. I miss the hugs!

The good news is that we finally have a delivery date for the hot tub.

Life is good today.

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