Thursday, April 22, 2021


What’s your plan? (10/21/2020)

Bitter bloodshed is the sad story emanating today just within the greenbelt of the Arens nation.  A resilient and determined foe has emerged to plunder the plentiful resources of this once joyful and peace-loving people. Those most affected are experiencing high anxiety and showing signs of mass confusion. The relentless enemy is unmercifully waging a campaign of total destruction by scorched earth in order to secure unrestricted dominion over the life-sustaining commodity gifted by the meeker population. Rumors have surfaced that weapons of mass destruction might be deployed to halt the enemy’s progress and save the besieged populace.

Maybe I embellished a tad. The ants are in the hummingbird feeder. Earlier in the season, I had thought that I had implemented the perfect solution. I had come up with the idea of placing a restrictive body of water between the feeder’s hanging point and the feeder itself. This seemed to have done the trick as the ants were no longer present and the hummingbirds were peacefully partaking of the sugar-water.

I was pretty pleased with myself because it didn’t cost me much and I had most of the pieces I needed in my horde of treasures. I think myopic individuals call it junk. I took a 3 inch terra-cotta pot and used the drainage hole to connect hardware to allow me to suspend it between the hanger pole and the feeder. For good measure, I coated the inside with paraffin wax. I keep this dish filled with water. No ants for the past few months, until the last trip out to replenish the nectar.

To my frustration, the feeder was again covered with ants. I verbally abused myself for my supposed neglect to keep the reservoir topped off. There was plenty of water along with a pontoon bridge spanning from the bolt to the outer edge of the pot. The ants busily scurrying to and fro between the feeder and their lair. I would have been somewhat fascinated with the scene had it not been for losing this battle.

The bridge was constructed of ants. It wasn’t just a pathway; this was a superhighway with multiple lanes of precision ant lines in alternating directions every other one for what might appear as eternity. I think the whole colony was out in force. The only other time I might have seen more ants was during my high school days, standing on their hill while weed-eating the 18th tee at the golf course. They were not there when I started.

My current wonder is what the ants at the bottom of the heap were thinking or feeling. I cannot imagine what it would be like for us to be of one mind and desire given the present condition of our society. We can learn a lesson or two from my ant friends. What might we discover or become if we all worked toward one goal? What blessings are in store if we put away selfishness and pride and looked to the common good!

Maybe I could give a little; the ants aren’t in the house.

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