Thursday, April 22, 2021


Life, as I see it… Lessons learned

I learned something this week.

Neighbor Joel came over to help Tom transplant a rhubarb plant from his yard to our yard. What I learned was when you plant the rhubarb, you plant it entirely under ground. Next year, it will pop up, but you can’t cut any the first year. Who knew?

My sister asked if we could get one started here in winter. I guess we can since we bury them.

In the cooking arena, I taught myself how to make lemon meringue pie. Meringue has long been my cooking nemesis so I’m feeling pretty accomplished. I had two pieces and I’m not even found of lemon pie. It was that good! I made the filling with fresh lemons. So good.

The temperature this morning reads 17 degrees. Winter is coming. We’ve had sprinklings of snow here in Beach already. It didn’t last long, but be assured the day that it sticks is not too far off.

My late husband David would have been 74 this past week. Bless his heart, I wonder how he would have felt about getting old. Most likely he would have handled it like he did most things: with humor and denial. He was a character bigger than life and he enjoyed the time he had here.

So Beach now has a Dollar General store. We made a visit there this week to check it out. I can see the convenience it will bring to us here. Especially in winter, when we otherwise would have to leave town for certain items.

That’s the charm of our town though. We can offer the convenience of this store at the entrance of town and the delight of specialty shops downtown. It’s worth it to visit Beach, ND.

It’s cold outside but warm in our house. – Life is good today.

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