Thursday, April 22, 2021


What’s your plan (10/28/2020)

The older I get the more I am taking pleasure in the small and simple things.  This has been accentuated by the current events.  The last seven months have been an interesting storm.  For some of us, it has been a slight sprinkle.  While others have experienced the torrential typhoon . . .

Crud!  I am also bridling passions which is a good thing for all of us.  You remember those messages from yesteryear; we interrupt our regular scheduled programming to bring you an important news bulletin.  I was just about to get into the groove and hammer out my thoughts on the keyboard when the laptop rudely informed me it had other intentions.  It flashed some sort of error message stating that it couldn’t handle what I was doing and it would gather necessary data and upload it to the cloud so that all things might be copacetic.

I have now spent more time staring at the screen awaiting the laptop’s return to the living than I would have typed this article!  Gotta love it.  And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program.

I do not wish to make light anyone’s situation, especially if Covid-19 has taken the life of a loved one.  I do not know of anyone who has directly passed from the contagion.  A ninety plus-year-old friend of the family contracted it in her nursing facility.  She was briefly hospitalized, recovered, and went back to her current home.  The Grad came home from her JC classes early in the year and stated that she didn’t feel good.  She didn’t look well either.

I have never seen anyone go through the boxes of tissues like she did.  It then escalated into vomiting.  Reiterated, I have never seen anything like it!  Her symptoms read like the warnings issued for the determination of Covid-19 infection, including loss of taste.  None of us would experience what she went through.  I wish there were somewhere to turn for answers.  I have no faith in today’s so-called experts.

I walked into Mod Pizza in Woodland on Saturday night.  It dishes up one of my favorite comfort foods.  What a sight; people sitting at tables!  I like the concept of walking down the buffet line and directing the preparer as to what will adorn my pie.  Mine will end up with everything but the kitchen sink.  I do get my money’s worth.  And yes, I finish with anchovies.  It is in honor of my grandparents, the Denhardts, who corrupted me on them.  A pizza just isn’t a pizza without anchovies.  I look forward to sitting down over a combo with them again.

I was in the chair again before the bite.  I walked right in and sat down, no wait.  I don’t take much notice of the length of my hair.  You might think staring into the mirror once in the morning and again at night for the daily routine would conflict with that.  I wonder how long my hair would be if things were different?  For now, short hair keeps me on my bride’s good side.  That’s a good thing.  Another good thing, the young man socially distanced from me getting a buzz.

I doubt there was anything I could catch from him, but I could sure embrace his attitude.  He was in his mid-twenties and accompanied by his mother.  The stylist had the electric razor and would verbally describe to him what she would do.  He would giggle, she would cut, and he would launch into hysterical laughter.  I think some might call him challenged.  I say he’s perfect and I am grateful to him for the reminder of what life should be like – joyful!

I am for catching the small and simple things in life.  Sorry for the buzzkill, but make sure you vote.  Most of you probably have already in this strange season, thanks for the example.  To end this week, I’ll heist a phrase I’ve picked up in my travels.

Life is good today.

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