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What’s your plan? (11/04/2020)

Do you hear that? Do you . . . listen? My point will be even clearer because of the fact you are reading, but can you hear it? Exactly, nothing! The Grad is off to work her shift while the remaining two started back at Pierce. The house is deathly quiet and still. I won’t give it much thought, but my world has been sequestered between the four walls of the house since March. This is heaven.

Well, how about this. Fast forward through publishing and the edition is on the stand and better yet, in your hands. Yes, Election Day is now history, unfortunately, we will be still counting ballots, and nothing is official. The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley (Robert Burns).

I am still a registered Republican with an emphasis on ‘still’. I turned eighteen just before the 1980 United States presidential election and cast my vote for Ronald Reagan in his landslide victory over incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter. I have lost heart in the party and pretty much washed my hands of it after seeing its candidate thrown under the bus in the 2012 Election. Obama should have been one and done.

So, what are my choices? That is the sad and tragic story unfolding currently. The modern two-party system does not cut it any longer. The Constitution of the United States of America only works when the majority of its voters uphold righteous standards. Restated, things are prosperous when most of us are about doing good.

Is this the point in history when the pendulum swings over and the bad overcomes the good? One manner history has been labeled as is Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, Early Modern, and Modern. For those landline phone users in Arbuckle, 476 takes on special meaning. Besides the prefix, it is the end of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the West’s fall into chaos. Things were not good and hence the label of Dark Ages (approximately 500-1000 AD).

1776 is another number of historic significance. It was a good year for the founding of nations. The years leading up to the birth of the United States can be categorized as positive. Freedom and potential quality of life were on the upswing. Focus on the growth over roughly the last two hundred and fifty years. Accomplishments have exploded exponentially! It is the good life.

Let’s paint the picture using a simple analogy. Man (female and male) hunted and gathered, turning over logs and eating the grubs. Today, words can’t describe the exquisite feast spilling off the table before us! Our present ease and comfort place us in a state of apathy. We do not take a stance for that which is right.

A few are sowing seeds of discontent and propagating hate. We hear false cries of us and them. Unity is the answer. We are definitely us and certainly them. We are Americans held together by the Constitution. Time to fortify the thread and weave the cable. It does boil down to good people doing nothing. So do something! Start thinking of unity and taking action. Let us build.

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