Monday, June 14, 2021



Life, as I See it…

There’s a joke in North Dakota that you should never leave your car unlocked during the holiday season. Someone might leave a fruitcake in it!

I’ve never been a fan either, but Taste Tester Tom wants one. I’m willing to give it a try, so I’m going to make one this week. I figure how bad can it be if the first step is to soak candied fruit in brandy for 24 hours?

Years ago, my Aunt Edna tried to make bourbon balls. I’m not sure how many times she soaked them in bourbon but they were more like having a straight shot than eating a cookie.

It’s the first of November as I write. Halloween is over. It’s the beginning of my birthday month, and the beginning of the baking season for me.

Not too long ago, a young woman who spent a lot of time growing up in our house asked about baking. She said she remembers coming after school with my daughter Tiffany and getting treats out of the freezer.

Honestly, that pleases me that she has a good memory from something I did along the way.

This past week has been a sad week. Our dear friend Albert Allen passed. It was sudden and I hadn’t gotten to see him since being back in North Dakota. I have a lot of memories of Albert. He was there for me and mine more times than I can say. He loved us and we knew it, and we loved him back.

Talking with other friends this week I said that he was always there for all of us and they all agreed.

May God bless Albert and his family.

I have said many times just how important friendship is in our lives. Aren’t we lucky to have that opportunity?

Life is good today

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