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What’s your plan? (11/11/2020)

Sorry for the pun, but out of the frying pan and into the fire. Social media is a two-edged sword for the dividing asunder. The bright spot may be Prop 15, with 85 percent reporting, maybe we can say that we won this battle. This war won’t go away until our homes are taxing us out of existence. I am not going to make any friends this week! Before the last word is said, I will comment on all three; religion, politics, and money.

I have been told that I have difficulty with listening and so I have heard it best to avoid the three in polite conversation. These sort of morph into religion, politics, and sex when transposed into the workplace. I came across a larger list of seven. Never talk about how you slept, your health, your cycle (told you I’d sneak sex in; can you imagine me broaching this subject), your dreams, money, your diet, and your commute. The author’s point, NOBODY CARES. Our conversations need to be couched in, “Is what I am about to say interesting to anyone?” This is from a counseling and coaching newsletter. Could this be the summation of the problem?

We headed down a troubling road when we started feasting on the scraps off the floor from the banquet table of the party we crashed. What adds to the atrocity is that we have always been invited but have declined the price of admission. Yes, we want it all given to us with no sweat from our brow.

The Fathers talk of hope, faith, and charity. These are three things worth talking about! They have lifted me from fleeting pleasure, catapulted me into happiness, and landed me in persistent joy. The hope is that over our pains and sufferings there is a reward. There certainly is. Faith is in Jesus Christ. The prophets foretold His coming and purpose. At the meridian of time, the tomb was empty! Today He waits with open arms ready, able, and willing to assist us in all our needs. Christ is the answer!

My money is placed on the fact that the president-elect will not survive the first term. Avoid this, there are special places in hell for me as I head down this path. Throughout history, the wicked have punished the wicked. I do not believe that the endgame is for the VP elect to stay president. It is much darker than that and unfortunately, history has all too well kept repeating itself (gender-neutral for those that would take offense).

I care! My circle cares. I think that good people care. All people will care. We should hear more and talk less. Contrary to distorted commentary, I have been told over the years that I possess one redeeming characteristic (saving grace if you will) – I am a good listener. If I can do it, then there remains hope and in Jesus Christ all things are possible.

Thanks for the ear!

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