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What’s your plan? (11/18/2020)

Never a dull moment in the Arens’ abode! Thoughts are that we are just too small, yet large enough to share our love. My wife decided it was time to foster. Let’s not start out getting our feet wet with one. Let’s go big and bold. It’s all in with three seven-week-olds. Our job would be easier if they were socialized. One has already run a way. This caused a certain amount of anxiety until it was located hiding behind the couch. We just took the broom to it and gently coaxed it out. I’ll have to keep you in the loop of the saga of the ‘foster kittens.’ We can do this.

The can-do attitude might just be the motto for the season. In this day of abundant information, it would be pleasant to get some that was reliable. I am fascinated by who and what passes as experts these days. I still hold to the claim that COVID has already made a pass through our home in February. Looking at the most recent checklist, we did’em all. Our course of treatment was pretty much to deal with it like the flu and so we stayed home and recuperated. Since it is lumped into the family with the common cold, I do not have high hopes for a vaccine.

Not too sure that COVID-19 has the same effect on everyone. Of those that I have known that have contracted it, not one has died. They have gotten over it and back into rhythm after the isolation period. This isn’t fitting into the narrative that the nightly news or social media is spewing. Who can you believe? Just don’t try to insist that we are all in this together. Argue your point with someone who has been out of work since March.

How quick the government has been to take away our freedom. There is no question as to what choices we are allowed to make for ourselves. The list is long of what we can’t do when compared with what we can. If it was more aligned with the thou shall not list, I would be a bit more comfortable in all this. I think much of this has to do with testing the waters; how much will we let slip away? We have been stripped of religious freedom and did little about it.

I have been whining about things I don’t know at the expense of things I do. I have more gratitude, especially for the smaller things in life. Family can never be a small thing any longer. The quiet times have so much more meaning as well as just doing nothing next to those I care about. What I use to do in one day, the Sabbath, takes up seven. I walk a tad taller and a bit more confident because of the company I keep. I have the strength to lift and support. In all of this, there is one thing that I lack. It is fear. I can do this.

We can do this!

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