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What’s your plan? (11/25/2020)

It’s the small things.  The Fosters are puttin’ smiles on faces.  Looks like two of the three are spoken for just within my wife’s circle and not taking into account the reach of the rescue network.  It is difficult not to get caught up in kitten shenanigans.  The front room window projects the morning light into a beam that catches their attention for as long as the sun will standstill.  Their honing of fighting skills resemble more bad dance moves than effective self-defense.

I am amused with the sideways stutter and swagger.  The combatants begin head-on, locked in the mortal stare down.  Then, one or both will swing bodywide ninety degrees and extrude a pretty pitiful hiss.  This must be to elicit fear and stop the heart of the opponent with an instantaneous amassing of bulk and deafening commotion.  These things still fit in the palm of my hand.  For a four-legged creature, they have surprising balance on their hind legs.  They eventually burn out and spend most of the day clumped in a mass of legs, bodies, and heads sleeping it off.

Where were you on November 22, 1963?  Some things are the polar opposite of small.  My uncle on my Mom’s side posted this question a few days ago.  The responses were thought-provoking in the least.  It is probably more difficult to associate the date, but we remember the event.  These things will affect you.  For my generation, it was March 30, 1981.  The next generation’s event is possibly September 11, 2001.  I won’t try to say I know how one feels, but I have a pretty good frame of reference in which to start a dialog being old enough to remember Reagan being shot and the terrorist attacks.  I was too young for Kennedy’s assassination.

President Russell M. Nelson of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints went to social media to distill the message of the healing power of gratitude.  I am one of those that need not hear him say ‘Thus saith the Lord’ to know that his comments will be pretty sound guidance.  Look it up at  The nutshell is two-fold; turn social media into your own personal journal of gratitude for seven days and say prayers of thanks.  He suggests we will be in for a change.  I think you ought to view it.

Where will you be on November 26th?  Contrary to the popular noise that spews elegantly from the dark bowels of the counterculture; Thanksgiving should be a day of gratitude.  More so, one of 365 days a year.  I can’t resist; 24/7/365!  I hope that you seize the day and make it one of empowerment.  It might not be all that we want it to be, but with a little effort on our part, it can be one worth remembering.  Family is but a touch of technology away.

I am just now starting to understand and see the power of Hope, Faith, and Charity.  I am ever so grateful for this.  Our present situation is just a grain of sand on the glorious beaches of Eternity.  The Arens Pack is talking up one notable Thanksgiving for the books.  I challenge all of us to make it within our power to have a positive day.  Godspeed.

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