Monday, June 21, 2021



Life, as I See it: Don’t judge me

Don’t judge me. I’ve turned into one of those people who rush the holidays. Today, we are going to start decorating for Christmas. As usual, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for more than a month so far. I admit that there are already some Christmas cookies baked and in the freezer. Of course there’ll be more coming. 

This year in particular, I feel the need to prolong the Christmas season. More than ever I want to enjoy the trappings of it all, but mostly I want to feel the spirit it brings.

Last week, we spent a few days at a cabin in Red Lodge, Montana. It was beautiful and relaxing, yet isolated. Airbnb travel is what we mostly do these days if we go anywhere. It just seems safer than a crowded hotel. 

You have to see the humor in that we take a break from being isolated at home by paying to go and isolate in a different setting.  Like I said… don’t judge me. It seems to help somehow.

I haven’t forgotten Thanksgiving. I know that we have more than our share of blessings. I feel like God shows his favor on us every single day of the year. All I need do is look around me. 

We are fortunate to live in a community where people respect and look out for one another. We are fortunate that we have family and friends that love us. 

The bonus this week is that we have a new grand puppy. Archibald Bearington (Archie Bear) joined Tiffany, Becky and Lea’s family this week. He’s a sweet boy. There’s nothing quite like the smell of puppy breath.

Count your blessings folks. Even in the midst of this trying year of 2020, there are plenty of things for which to be thankful. We are blessed every morning just by waking up. After that, it’s up to us what kind of day we will have.

Life is good today.

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