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What’s your plan? (12/02/2020)

I step out the front door this morning to find my vehicle gone.  What a sad situation when my first reflection is no, not again.  One of the cornucopia of rationales as to why I didn’t put down roots in the Sacramento area (a few whopping words for the likes of me; the intellectual friends would be impressed if they weren’t such snobs).  Having cars stolen leaves one feeling violated in the least, but that’s not where this is going.  This has a nippy and satisfying culmination.

Deliberation turns to the Grad, I deduce that she has also gone missing.  2 + 2 = at work.  This is a first!  She is up and out of the house before me and in stealth mode to boot.  I open the phone and tap the Life360 application, it provides evidence of her current whereabouts.  She is indeed at her work location.  FYI, she knows that I am tracking her as well as do the others of the Arens Pack.  All were sent emails to authorize to accept my snooping.  I didn’t go behind their backs this time; besides, it was their Mom’s idea anyway.  So it is off in the other vehicle I go (we live in such an awesome country – spoiled).

I shared last week that It’s the small things.  This small thing made a big impact on me some nineteen years and just a few days ago:  She came into the world.  That changes parents if for only the fact that it makes them such.  She has blessed my life in so many ways.  What a joyful experience and gift she just handed me this day by just doing her routine.  She has been teaching me ever since her rather abrupt entry into this mortality, I could easily pen article after article to fill a book and volumes to fill a library if you add the other three.

God is always the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Too many of those today hold fast to the claim that the Heavens are closed, that God speaks no more, something about it dying with the Apostles.  So, He can’t be the same in our time and is therefore changeable?  I say that’s bunk!  I believe the Bible to be the word of God; literally.  Prophets have always been part of the plan.  Russell M. Nelson is the Lord’s mouthpiece, for us in our day!

If you didn’t take my exhortation and catch it last week, his message is at  My summary is that he suggested turning social media into our own personal journal of gratitude for seven days and add prayers of thanks.  He thought that it might provide a positive experience, change, and empowerment through the healing power of gratitude.  In these trying times his counsel didn’t let me down.  This has been a most memorable Thanksgivings with the Pack and a great kickoff to the upcoming celebration for the reason for the season!

Now, off on the latest tangent.  The Fosters have mastered the cat tree.  The three are again curled up in a ball, zonked from their morning of exuberant horseplay.  They have made the observation nest, pushing five feet off the floor their preferred early morning nap spot, difficult to find where one ends and the other starts.  What small lessons they teach.  Godspeed.

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