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What’s your plan? (12/09/2020)

I believe in Angels!

It is probably closer to reality to admit that I depend on them. They are certainly synonymous with mother and the one I call Mom was the first one I knew of. Next to that would be family and friends. Sometimes they will throw you into deep water because they have more faith in you than you do and so it was with Kindergarten at Arbuckle Elementary. I met Mrs McGarr and somehow survived.

Mrs Buckingham, Mrs Vawter, Mrs LeMaster, Mrs Traynham (Brumley), and Mrs Bowker followed in consecutive school years through Sixth grade. What wonderful things they shared and taught. Spelling has never been a strong suit, never will be, spell-checker was invented for that and definitely for me. Angels still abound at AES. I know because they have interacted with my children.

I am excited to let you know that they are also at Johnson Junior High. One, in particular, greets you as you enter the campus. I know her from way back, she’s from the PHS Class of 1981 too!  Angels attract because she ended up marrying one. He’s been there for me too. Maryann taught me how to appreciate Christmas a tad better with a suggestion to start a new tradition.

Beginning Dec. 1, I read one chapter of Luke from the New Testament and on Christmas Eve you’ll finish with an understanding of who and why we celebrate; Jesus Christ, the reason for the season. I’ll steer clear of commercialism at this point so as not to lose all spirituality. You should try it, a new tradition that is! Read two chapters a day through the 18th and then one until the 24th. It doesn’t take much time and is well worth it. Small things build gratitude.

Have you heard the word ‘Littles’ in conversation? It’s one of those small things that made a big impact on me. What a great thing it is to have the only worry in your life of keeping the Littles out of the Christmas tree. We have left off any ornaments from dangling on the bottom branches because they are just too tempting to bat. What a sight to see a decorated tree fling a kitten out mid-section – as if the tree had much say in the matter.

I took fascination with the term when a friend providing childcare referenced her wards as the Littles. Oh, me and my fiendish little mind. The preoccupation eventually developed into a greater appreciation for children. I had to have some of my own for this to happen. If it weren’t for embracing Jesus Christ there would have never been a wife in my life or Littles for that case.  What potential there is in Littles. What potential there is in all of us. 

Do you believe in Angels? I can prove their existence! You can help. Find yourself a quiet place and forget about the cares of the world for a moment. Then, introduce this thought, “This wingnut, local columnist says that he can prove to me that there are Angels.” Let it sink in. Then go about your usual, kicking the thought around. One of two things will eventually happen, an angel will cross your path or you cross the path of someone in need of an angel. Ponder this this Christmas season. Godspeed.

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