Thursday, June 17, 2021



Life, as I See it: Soon and very soon

No matter how long I try to prolong it, it seems Christmas is coming soon and very soon. Still, each day, I do something Christmas. 

The tree is up now, thanks to the grandkids’ annual tree trimming day. What a fun day.

This year was even more exciting. Papa Tom revealed the surprise he’s been working on in the garage. There’s a train out there! Also, all is set up for young imaginations to build the perfect setting for the track and the train. There are tiny little buildings, people, and animals to decorate the landscape. It was a hit and promises hours of entertainment as we get deeper into winter.

When you live in rural North Dakota, you plan ahead for many things.

I’ve talked with some friends and family this week. Christmas will be different for many of us this year. Not all families will gather. Instead, new or temporary traditions are being looked at.

Each day our world is changing. There is a promise of a vaccine. But, who knows who will get it or accept it. 

So, we pray.

COVID came home to us this week when a more than dear friend lost her mother to it. Being pretty much isolated here in my little house on the prairie, I have felt somewhat safe, but when someone you know dies from the virus, it reminds you that there are risks for all of us.

Still, I continue to follow the rules – and pray.

I do miss gathering for special events. It seems we are missing so much this year. Still, I continue to tell myself and others that this too shall pass.

I have a friend who’s late father always used to say, “Tomorrow will be a better day.” 

Although, everyday that I wake up and that I am able to get on with my day, is a good day.

Thank God, life is good today.

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