Sunday, July 25, 2021


Gardeners Corner: Gifts for the Gardener

As a gardener, I love getting garden related gifts! My eyes light up and I giggle a little bit. Do you know someone who giggles a little bit over a gardening gift? Here is a list of garden gifts that will put the twinkle in their eyes.

Garden gloves – there are gloves for every garden chore. Every gardener needs a good pair of gloves. My favorite all around glove this the “atlas” type. 

Kneeling pad – a kneeling pad is great for your tired knees. Gardeners are always on the ground poking around in the soil. There is even a kind of kneeling pad with handles!

Planter box/self-watering planter/flower pots/hanging baskets – these can vary from plastic to wood to ceramic and more. They also come in many, many colors! Self-watering planters are great for indoor plants. Hanging baskets are great for vertical gardening such as on your porch.

Tote/basket/trug – all three of these are similar yet have different functions. A canvas tote could carry around tools and your garden journal. The basket would be used for plants; this is useful for soil to fall through the bottom. A trug is great for hauling around your harvest or when you are deadheading plants or weeding the garden.

Tools – every gardener loves tools. Pruning shears of all sizes make great gifts.

A hat – I love my big floppy hat. Gardeners spend a lot of time outdoors and usually need a new hat.

Garden Journal – many people journal their activities. This includes gardeners. They like to write down when they plant seeds, bulbs and transplants. Gardeners also love to draw plans, doodle and paint flowers in their journals.

Plants/seeds/bulbs – this is a great way to add sparkle to a gardener’s eyes! A gift of pansies, marigolds, daffodil bulbs or tomato seeds will excite your gardener friend.

There are many more garden gifts available for your friend. Just go to your local garden center or hardware store.


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