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What’s your plan? (12/16/2020)

As quickly as they appeared, they departed.

Our visit from the Fosters seemed to be over before it really got started. It would have been perfect if this was a visit from the relative tending to overstay their welcome. I’ll have to believe popular opinion on this statement because all of my relatives never visit long enough. To be honest, I hadn’t given the kittens stay much thought. The three were distracting to be in company with. Their shenanigans entertained and would lead to a collapse in a blob of heads, legs, and tails for a catnap, only to bolt back up to eat, play, and sleep all over again. Reminiscent of my baby Girls and not so permanent.

Within twenty-four-hours all three shipped out to their forever homes. Craven was off to Roseville. Meeting the owner was on par with boarding the kittens. I’ll say that the young lady’s personality matched the feline’s. I doubt there could be a more perfect match. She’ll need to hold her ground or the creature will walk all over her. They are good for each other. 

Milo drove off to Davis. This one put a rather large smirk on my face because it was an inside job, so to say. My bride’s social media posts caught the attention of family friends. Exchanges pursued that ended with the adoption of the critter. It is a pleasant feeling to be part of something that leaves one in such good spirits. Pets have always been a part of my life. Somewhere down the line, I learned to be somewhat responsible for something and my parents were there to make sure I didn’t fall flat on my face without the ability to pick myself up. Milo is in good hands.

There will always be a flip side to every coin. Mama bear is having a tough time with the transition. She bonded quickly, grew rather attached, and is having difficulty saying goodbye. Letting go can’t be much fun for anyone. Goodbye is one word that never made it into my lexicon. Used as an expression of good wishes when parting, it took on a meaning of its own as something of permanence and therefore never uttered to my friends.  I have always been around; more like that bad penny. Through the ages the word digressed, the original had a lot more letters tacked on. ‘God be with you’ has been shortened to goodbye. We exclude our Heavenly Father out of too many things. For our sakes, I am most grateful for His patience and tolerance.

Piney experienced a night by his lonesome. Not fun watching him roam around combing for his brothers. The silver lining is that my wife spent some quality time with the last of the letter. He slept through the night curled up on her chest. He’s the traveler. His new home is in Santa Cruz. All participants made out like bandits in this story.

Time to cut this off. Deadline looms and my morning has been full and productive helping my companion pick up the new foster. Ronnie’s a quiet one and traveling really well, not a peep out of him. A pleasant road trip. This one doesn’t stand a chance at failing socialization, too many mommies under my roof. It is never goodbye with me and I’m looking to put God more abundantly into my life. Hence, Godspeed!

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