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What’s your plan? (12/23/2020)

It sort of lends itself as a sign of the times when I could most likely find someone who would argue against my comment that it has been an interesting year. The world is certainly in commotion. The Arens household, although sheltered, has not necessarily gone unscathed. We have endured our lessons and have come away for the better. My Christmas wish is that this pandemic would be well behind us.

I still have not had anyone in my circle pass from the virus, but the portion of it is growing ever larger as to the number of those contracting this virus. It has been everything from an uphill walk in the park to please take me Lord, I’m ready to go. I ask your forgiveness if my matter of factly (you won’t find this word in a standard dictionary) leaves you with a false impression that I have no sympathy. I have increased my capacity to emphasize beyond what I considered possible.

Ronnie, a foster kitten, touched our lives. He was with us for three days. As his stay played out, he would rip at our hearts. He had very little appetite and lacked the energy and activities for a feline of his age. Kittens have an extremely slim chance of making it out of our home without getting overly loved on. I am glad Ronnie experienced this with us. My last moments with him were with a purr that rattled the inside of our car as he lay exposing his chin and stomach ‘making biscuits’ with the air. Ronnie passed on peacefully from contracting Feline panleukopenia (FP) in his earliest haunts. The veterinarian stated it was the worst year she has seen.

Christmas would be a more festive occasion in my book if it weren’t tied up so tightly in year-end revenue and focused more on the reason and less on the season. People demand signs. Not a good thing when faith is involved. Christmas is the fulfillment of prophecy as well as the placing of signs right in plain view. The Star was a sign of the times, foretelling of the birth of the Savior of mankind. I wonder if Mary and Joseph would have much to say concerning the predicament we placed ourselves in at this time; most likely they would keep this to themselves also. What they would give to the world would be baby Jesus.

As we find ourselves heading straight on into this holiday season, I say unto you Merry Christmas! May it be filled with family and friends. May your ears ring full of holiday music; especially those old Christmas hymns. If you missed it, Christmas is the exclamation of hope that is the foundation of faith. An increase of faith will bloom more hope and things will snowball from there. The fruit of hope and faith is charity. It is better to give than to receive and those that have arrived at this destination are a treasure to the world.

May we reflect on the gift of the season to the point that His peace works its magic, and we all see His image in our countenance. May I leave you with the story’s continuance and yet another sign. The tomb was empty! Godspeed.

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