Tuesday, June 15, 2021



What’s your plan? (12/30/2020)

This will be my last What’s Your Plan. This applies only to this year, where has the time gone. A year in review would just work its way back to the pandemic hype. I would like to be a tad bit more excited for and about 2021. Social media poked fun at our present situation and suggested we are in for more trouble by likening our dilemma to that of an adolescent becoming of legal drinking age and a group of people hiding around the corner while trying to open a door labeled 2021 with a ten-foot pole. I’ll leave you to ponder these. My column has come of age of sorts, it is pretty much going to stay what it is for the new year. I hope that you have found it worthwhile, got you thinking at times, and has always left you with a smile. It would not have been a bad thing if a thought has helped to make a positive impact for you!

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with an old schoolmate. We can get away with saying that we have been acquaintances for fifty years (I do have long-term accomplishments). We’ve flipped that coin; I am now in the shoes of those that I had at once branded ancient. I mustn’t feel old, even as the passage of time takes its toll, but I wish to say a little wiser. I just shook my head as my daughter related her story about her co-worker referring to me as ‘your grandfather.’ I go off on tangents all too frequently these days. My visit with my peer was too short. It was nice to catch up some and better yet to self-reflect on tender mercies. Her cousin was a classmate, and my childhood neighbor was good friends with her brother. My driver’s Ed was in her dad’s classroom while his b-ball court supplied life skills. I am a better person because of their influence, better so for growing up in Arbuckle. A few items on my list of things I am grateful for.

We decided to walk on the wild side, to risk it and get the family together for an early Christmas. Best Christmas gift ever and the one that keeps giving all year. My oldest was out from Idaho with my toddler granddaughter. Hearing her speak ‘Papa Scott’ did a number on the heartstrings. She’ll be welcoming a sibling in March and I’ll catch my sister with an equal number of great-grandchildren to our Cece. I couldn’t have gotten a better son-in-law; he rates high in my good husband and father book. He sets a high standard for the Girls’ potential suitors. I’ll take enjoyment in letting them all know just what I expect when dating my daughters and beyond.

That day I was surrounded by treasure. Under my roof was everything that is of the greatest worth to me. I am now just beginning to grasp the value of my Mom, my Eternal Companion, my four children, a son-in-law, and a granddaughter. The Spirit hinted at just how blessed I am. I was allowed a quick glimpse into Heaven from this earthly vantage point, a strengthening of hope and faith. May 2021 be a healthy and prosperous new year for you! Godspeed.

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