Life, as I see it: On to phase two


Christmas has passed and this week we begin a new year.

Back in the 60’s, watching sci-fi movies about the future way off in year 2000, it seemed only fantasy.

Now it has come and gone some 20 years ago. We’ve seen amazing advancements in technology but with it comes a price. Sometimes we tend to lose touch with the simple bonding times that should be family.

We are preparing now for phase two of our permanent move to North Dakota. In just a few days we will head back to California to pack up, call movers, and make our final journey home to ND by springtime.

We are excited on many levels. Mainly we are happy that our home here is “our” home. It’s one we have created together and it is ours.

Christmas was a bit different this year. Some health issues and falls slowed us both down. Some schedules were changed and traditions broken.

Wonder Woman that I am, I managed to make the favorites for Christmas Eve even though I was what I called “broken.”

Blessed time and again by being here with my babies big and small, it was all still good.

In the last couple of weeks, I have lost some dear friends. Susan Walz was my long time neighbor and friend. We shared many good visits, laughs, and child raising stories. She taught to me the art of making beer cheese soup. Yum.

Yesterday, my forever friend Paul Popiel went on home. Paul had a way of building me up even when I didn’t deserve it. I loved him dearly, but he knew that. 

I send my love and prayers to the families of both of these dear people.

In California, another favorite family has lost their sweet brother, son, and uncle. Patrick Kalfsbeek, loved by family and community is gone from here but remains in many hearts.

Bless you all.

Yesterday, grandson Gage came to help de-Christmas our house and prepare space for my California treasures when we return. Bless his heart, he’s a really good kid and we love him.

So, the rib pain is lessening with each day and on I go.

Life is good today.

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