what’s your plan? (01/08/2020)


Happy 2020! My head is still sorta reelin’. Where did the time go? I’m not just fixating on the year 2019; I mean where has a lifetime gone? I now hold the place in life where not too long ago I looked up and thought those possessing it were old. I was the little! It is still fresh in my mind my Littles labeling some as old and not just that, but ancient. I’ve lived an incredible life full of love and adventure. I am not sure that it can get that much better short of many additional years of existence.

I brought in the new year in a fashion that I haven’t done in quite a few years. I can’t recall the last time for that matter. I actually stayed up and counted down with the family. Nothing fancy, we were all just watching shows on our various devices. I guess the Arens are keeping up with the times; a modern family of sorts. Maybe a little short of perfection, all six of us where not watching six different shows. A majority was binge watching a series. We did quite well getting all thirteen episodes in in one night. Too bad this had no redeeming value whatsoever.

My Littles aren’t so little anymore. They can handle the consequences of their actions along with those of so-called maturity these days. We all successfully celebrated bringing in the new year, but it was only the Grad and I up for breakfast the next morning. We had business to attend to.

While the others of the family were making up for lost time and studying their eyelids, we were off to the Grimes Firemen’s Breakfast. The two of us are actually on a roll, we are three for three with this new year’s tradition. It is nice to say that we are perfect at something and not just so so; on again, off again. Always a good variety of breakfast flair; eggs, pancakes, and three meat sides. One can also fashion a breakfast burrito. The Grad liked the fruit bowl; I could do three breakfasts a day. It astounds me to see the main street lined with cars and yet, we’re not filling up the building across the street. If it wasn’t good, it was their own fault.

This specific breakfast will hold special memories. Another season of my life is yet upon me. I have been putting this off for as long as I possibly can. My Girls and the wife are my world. I am holding on with all my might and now must begin thinking about easing my grip. Time to cut the cord. The Grad passed the written portion of her driver’s license and officially drove for the first time behind the wheel to Grimes. It is the beginning of an end. I’m not ready for the end. Time flies way too quickly!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

■ Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com