Life, as I see it: Back to Cali


I’m halfway back to California. I’m enjoying a road trip and will be there early next week.

Then, the work of prepping to sell the house and do our final move to the Dakotas will begin.

I’m anxious to get started. 

I’ve been blessed with good roads and good weather on this drive. I avoided some blowing snow and icy roads by heading out when I did. So far it’s been a great trip.

Things I’ve missed in California are, of course, first family and friends, but I’ve missed my cat Chloe too. I left her with a more-than-capable caregiver, but it’s not the same as being with her myself. I’m sure she’ll give me the “south end” for a few days, but she’ll come around.  I’m not sure how she’ll react later this spring when she realizes she’s been moved to North Dakota. At least she won’t arrive in a blizzard. That might be too much for her out the gate.

My pals Sue, Deb, and Connie and I will be celebrating our collective birthdays later this month when we attend a high tea hosted by my niece, Dena Macklin. Dena is a tea master and hosts what she calls pop up teas in all areas. She also caters private in-home teas. It’s a real treat to attend one of her events. I’m very proud of her.

So, off I go to California once again. As I drove the familiar route the last couple of days, I remembered  the many trips we made before. I saw things I’d seen before. Some landmarks reminded me of stories about my kids.

Last night I stayed in Jackpot, Nevada. The joke about Jackpot is I once told the kids I lost the ice cream money at the slots here. I didn’t really, but at least one child always tells me not to lose the ice cream money.

I better hit the road. 

Next stop is Reno.

Life is good today.

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