Watchman on the Wall: 20/20 Vision


They say, “Seeing is believing.” I say, “Believing is seeing!” How’s your vision? Moses told the Israelite spies to enter Canaan and “SEE what kind of land this is and find out whether the people are strong or weak, few or many. . . Enter the land BOLDLY.” After all of God’s miracles, parting the Red Sea, feeding them with abundance of quail and manna, getting water out of a rock, accompanying them with His Presence day and night, 80% of the spies came back with a negative report; all they could see was their own smallness, the size of the giants, their inadequacies, the obstacles. 20% of the spies said it was doable, possible, God was with them; they should enter immediately. Yahoo! The land was theirs!!

You’ve heard the adage, “Whether you say you can’t or you can, you’re right.” You have to BELIEVE it first, then you’ll be able to do it. 

Too many have pity parties. When the spies came back with negative reports, the people literally cried, wailed, grumbled, blamed God, blamed Moses. “We can’t do this,” so they didn’t. They were doomed to live 40 years in a desert and died. They caused their own future by their words.

I don’t want to wander around the proverbial “desert” of life. I reject this “language of hell.” I reject fear and embrace faith. I am entering 2020 with the knowledge that God wants me to prosper; He’s got my back; I am beloved. I choose to trust, to have faith. 

How is that sustainable? Number one is the Word of God. I MUST be in it every day, devouring, meditating, chewing on it. That Book changes people! It causes you to see life through the eyes of the Father. You find yourself being swayed to do good, to think positively, to be unselfish, to be kind, to love the unlovely, to have faith. Get the YouVersion app that has thousands of Bible studies and reading plans. Start something new! 

Number two: cut off the negativity, limit the amount of media to which you expose yourself. Such a waste of time – like eight hours a day or more – and go for walks, play with the children, play the guitar, read a good book, watch the sunset, plant a garden. Schedule your Social Media viewing, your news broadcasts. They deliberately instill fear because “fear” sells.  

Number three: worship! I start my morning by watching which is on 24/7 for prayer and worship. Sing, dance, clap, shout, use any of the seven Hebrew words for praise. Fill your thought with positivity. 

Watch Billy Alsbrooks on YouTube. Pray and sing in the Spirit. Read positive affirmations over yourself. Create a Vision Board. 

God has a plan, a wonderful plan for your life. Don’t miss your destiny by unbelief. Jesus is Shalom, Peace. See yourself as He sees you, fearfully and wonderfully made, healthy, prosperous, victorious, flourishing, vital, vibrant, happy!  Enter BOLDLY with 20/20 Vision.

■ Loraine Joy is a small business owner and Arbuckle resident. Contact Loraine at