Life, as I see it: Life goes on


I’m safely in California. Now the process of moving begins.

I’ve talked to the moving company and have a potential date to pack up and move on. I’ve also learned the expense of it all. Yikes. But it is well worth it when I consider what we’ll save in effort.

The next step is to meet with the estate sales representative to figure out how we will close out all things we are not moving to North Dakota.

It will be an adventure for the next couple of months. All is good.

The trip here was uneventful and I was blessed with good roads and good weather right to my California doorstep.

I’m surprised at how cold it is up on our hill. So far it hasn’t been a huge change from North Dakota, except there isn’t any ice to contend with.

This week is filling in with exploring my options, meeting up with old friends, and figuring out the road ahead.

My cat Chloe was glad to see me. She’s learning to transition into an indoor cat (at least at night). That will save a lot of grief when she’s living in North Dakota.

I’d say I’m excited to be back in California, and I am on some levels. But I already miss North Dakota, a beloved family, home and community. I am eager to go back.

Tom will be joining me here in a week or two. We both have a ton of things to do.

For now, I’m sorting and trying to figure out just what it is we “really need” and what to leave behind. My kids are doubtful when I tell them we aren’t bringing everything we have here. Although they were a bit relieved to learn that we just don’t have the space for it all in the North Dakota house. That means we won’t even try.

One thing I have done since returning to California is to eat better. I’ve eliminated fried food and sugar.

I admit it is a shock to my system after my months in North Dakota, which I lovingly call the land of cream and butter. I can’t blame the great Norwegian cooks there, I’ve done it myself. There’s just something about being there that brings out the baker in me.  Also, it gives me great joy to entertain and cook for my friends and family.

I’ll vow to do better once I go back. But for now, I’m enjoying the California fruits and vegetables. 

Better eating – and keep moving. That is the key to getting older with grace and dignity.

I just watched a beautiful movie titled; “Live twice, love once.” It was about a man with onset dementia. He remembered his first love and he set out to find her. The story about him, his love, and his family unfolded to a very good story.

It reminded me of a few things, of a few people, and how our lives can change in an instant.

It’s important to live each day and do it well.

Life is good today.

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