Watchman on the Wall: Death of a terrorist


1979: Iranian students backed by Ayatollah Komeini took control of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held 52 US citizens hostage for 444 days. President Ronald Reagan brokered the release. 

1983: Hezbollah, which was founded, funded, armed and trained by Iran bombed the U.S. Embassy and Marines base in Beirut, killing 258 Americans. 

Iran trained, sponsored, financed and sheltered Hamas and Hezbollah in Palestine and Lebanon. Soleimani was responsible for masterminding murderous attacks on Americans, Iraqis, Iranians, Yemenis, Afghanis, Syrians and Lebanese. He was linked to assassination attempts in the United States, India, Argentina and Germany. He provided the IEDs to kill over 600 U.S. servicemen in Iraq. 

The people of Iran are rejoicing that this diabolical terrorist is dead. He was responsible for the slaughter of 1,600 peaceful protesters against the Iranian government just last month and barely a word was reported in the media. The Hashteshabi took over the American Embassy, vandalized it, and killed an American contractor. Soleimani was the mastermind behind the attack, just as he was responsible for the 2012 Benghazi attack when the Embassy was overrun, and Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were slaughtered when our U.S. government refused to send help under the direction of Secretary of State Clinton. Only this time, we have a decisive President who immediately went into action and ordered the strike when his intel discovered there was an imminent attack on U.S. military bases. The Embassy attack in Baghdad had been a “practice run.” 

The Iranian, Iraqi and Kurdish people are now dancing in the streets; they are thanking our President for ridding them of this mass murderer. In the Middle East, when there is a great celebration, such as a wedding or a momentous occasion, they bake cakes and give out cookies in the street. This is what they are doing now in Iran. 

Syrians are also dancing in the streets and handing out sweets to the public for the death of this war criminal who was responsible for so much destruction in Syria. Soleimani had helped the Assad regime murder more than half a million Syrians. 

The news videos of people screaming, “Death to America” is mostly propaganda. The people are forced by the military to yell things they don’t mean or believe. They are “bashigi,” paid protestors. The children are taught in school to yell, “Death to America. Death to Israel.” They chant and shake fists, led by their teachers of hate. They are being brainwashed. However, the majority of the people don’t hate America; they don’t hate President Trump. They are proud of the President for having the moral courage to act when other leaders didn’t have the guts. The Middle East respects power and decisiveness. The United States is showing her strength.  

It is a complicated issue as Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims fight it out. At this very moment as I write, the Iranians are protesting their government, and the United States stands once again in solidarity with people who want their freedom. Such is the result of the death of a terrorist. 

â–  Loraine Joy is a small business owner and Arbuckle resident. Contact Loraine at