What’s your plan?


Time does fly way too quickly, unless you are in the space between the end of Fall semester and the start of the new Spring semester. Three weeks is too long, it drags, and it draws itself out, out, and out! Everyone seemed to be back in school a week ago and Pierce JUSD decides to return this week. I would prefer two weeks for Christmas break. The Girls get crazy and lazy; up all night and sleep all day. That makes good lyrics for Rock ‘n Roll songs but that is just about it. Working the plan stalls. I would get more tasks completed if I wasn’t entertaining them. I will admit though that I was pleasantly surprised that they got up and out the door Monday morning better than usual. Alas, they will be up and gone out of the house sooner than I care for.

Three weeks is too long. I talked religion for the majority of December, so why not talk politics? I have heard it said that there are three things you shouldn’t talk about: politics, religion, and money! I do and I will. I am also of the opinion that you never cross another person’s path by chance. I need to be about loving my neighbor. That would be getting to know them. The three don’t-you-dare topics might not be basic conversation starters but are relevant for relationship status we should be aiming for. Let’s reach a point that we talk about these three matters and others more in our daily lives.

I am frustrated at hearing that three weeks is a necessary evil (remember, this is my opinion piece) because of ADA. Average Daily Attendance is the formula used to fund school districts. I don’t find it acceptable when parents can’t get their children back in school and our districts go broke because of five days. This has placed us in a rut.

The Arens are avoiding the rut! The Grad hasn’t killed us yet; or anyone else for the matter. She is keeping the car between the lines and is most definitely improving on her turns. I should have had them operating off-road vehicles sooner. The one at the Ranch has seen more hunting in recent years than actual farm labor so it’s my own fault for not giving them time behind the wheel. Crude, when she passes her driving test, she has her license. I am not ready for her to venture out solo behind the wheel. More grey hairs.

Less talk, more doing! New Year’s resolutions happen once a year and I have decided that this is sad. We would be better off focusing our attention on making this a daily occurrence. When we put ourselves in a rut, we lose the ability to learn and grow. I like the phrase “think out of the box.” Growing makes life fun. Time to grow. Fatten your plan today by setting goals. Find something that gets you out of your comfort zone. I suggest strengthening family ties or a friendship; you could make a new acquaintance. Revisit your plan every day, not just New Year’s. Go out and have some fun!

■ Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com